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Sunset Cruising at Noosa Lakes –Experience the Tranquility of Noosa’s Lakes

Located in Noosa, Queensland is the quaint suburb of Tewantin. Located centrally in Noosa, the suburb of Tewantin is a peaceful and beautiful place which is ideal for a relaxing vacation. Home to several attractions; such as the Noosa Marina, and streets with many pubs, restaurants and shopping destinations, a stay at Tewantin is sure to be blissful and entertaining. A Tewantin hotel Australia that offers great accommodation and luxury services is the Australis Noosa Lakes.

Noosa is known for its amazing natural features, and among these the six lakes of Noosa are among the most popular. Surrounding Noosa, these six lakes have been a source of sustainment for many years. Flanked on either side by many lush green pastures, these lakes are of immense beauty and are great for boating and kayaking on. However, to truly enjoy the beauty of these lakes you should embark on an sunset Noosa lake cruise.

The six lakes of Noosa are; Lake Doonella, Lake Coothabara, Lake Weyba, Lake Como, Lake Cooloola, and Lake Cooroibah. While all these lakes are beautiful in their own way, Lakes Cooribah, Doonella and Coothabara are considered to be the most beautiful. There are many cruise services and hotels in the area that offer remarkable cruise facilities, so that you can head out on to the cool and calm waters and watch the sunset. Experience the tranquility of the lakes and the breathtaking scenery of the surround areas, which is complemented by the amber tint in the evening skies and the gentle lapping of the water. Enhance your experience by sipping on a glass of smooth wine or sipping on a cold beer, while nibbling delicious treats and meals. The Noosa Lake sunset cruise experience is, therefore, a romantic and tranquil experience which is a great activity to engage in with your love ones or family. So go ahead and book a cruise through the stunning Noosa lakes.

Nelson Osborne is an independent freelance writer who has been sharing his expertise on a variety of subjects via numerous articles and web content over the years.

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