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Shop until you Drop – at the IFC Mall!

The state of the art structure that stands for International Finance Centre (IFC) is a renowned mall that houses over 200 department stores and development centres in Hong Kong. This structure, belonging to one of the many imposing buildings among the city skyline of Hong Kong, is a skyscraper of note for the locals of the city.

Being a prominent attraction in the city surrounded by a number of other buildings soaring towards the high heavens, this building attracts many tourists and locals. The IFC Mall is positioned almost perfectly; no matter where a visitor is, transportation is easily accessible to the mall. The city is full of taxis, ferry services and an airport express railway line that helps you get to the mall within minutes

IFC (Building) tower one was completed in 1998 and it features over 39 floors and occupies a floor space of around 784, 000 sq ft. The second IFC building was completed and improved for occupancy such as apartments and corporate companies in the year 2007. Several attractions surrounding the IFC Mall are quite picturesque, a foremost being the harbour.

This mall that has over four floors comprising over 200 department stores, restaurants and boutiques that offer designer wear, jewellery & accessories, home appliances, personal care & beauty, books, art, giftware, budget fashion, sporting goods, banking and so much more. The IFC Mall is a place where your shopping experiences change – it’s a true extravaganza for a shopaholic.

The IFC Mall also has a selection of restaurants, recreational activities and state-of-the-art cinemas to watch your favourite blockbusters. The choices on offer are of absolute goodness and a visitor is provided with nothing but the best.

Shoppers looking forward to experience a skyscraper such as the IFC Mall will be delighted to know that the Causeway Bay hotel chain provides perfectly appointed hotels and resorts. Travellers seeking Hong Kong Hotel Reservations will be pleased with Cosmo Hotel which provides well-recommended accommodation services and facilities.

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