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Reflexology Treatments at Bangkok – Experience Rejuvenation at a Spa Haven

Often revered as a ‘must-have experience’ when travelling around Bangkok, reflexology treatments have become synonymous with the popular tourist heartland in recent years. With foot reflexology spas propping up in every corner of the sun- kissed nation, visitors have come to appreciate the healing touch of Thai reflexology treatments that soothe and cure various ailments through massaging different pressure points at the soles of the feet. As an ancient practice that has deep roots in Thailand, it is stated that reflexology practices were rampant in ancient Siam while King Rama V was known to have employed reflexology massages during his trips around remote areas around the country with his royal entourage including at least one massage therapist at all times. The earliest mention of the use of massage in Thailand is found in the La Loubere’s Chronicle which was penned during King Narai’s period between 1656 and 1689.

Stimulating ten identified zones at the sole of the foot, reflexology therapies use rubbing, pressing, flexing and other movements to increase blood flow and functionality of the various regions in the body that corresponds with each zone. The art of reflexology style massages lies in flexing the different pressure zones which creates a reflexive action that takes places in the specific area of the body relieving pain, curing ailments or increasing mobility in the affected area. Unlike other Asian massage varieties, reflexology only uses hand and finger movements to carry out the massage with a wooden stick employed at times. Creams and oils are applied to the soles of the feet to increase penetration and aid reflexes that send a burst of energy across the body and rejuvenates the soul from within.

Documented benefits of reflexology practices include improved blood circulation and relieving pain in joints and muscles stressed by disease or excessive exertion. Common conditions such as asthma, migraines, headaches and sinus related illnesses can be cured with extensive reflexology treatments, while an increase in energy is a common by product of a massage session. Returning the body to its natural homeostasis position, foot reflexology massages promote well-being and good health for those with minor health issues as well as those with chronic conditions.

Travellers in search of Bangkok’s finest health and wellness retreats should look no further than COMO Shambhala. Regarded as a superior wellness retreat with a host of healing therapies to suit holidaymakers, this stylish rest is a one of a kind spa resort in the heart of Thailand.

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers. Google+

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