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Pearl River Night Cruise – the magic of the Pearl River

Watch as Guangzhou comes alive at night along the beautiful Pearl River which is China’s 3rd largest river and the largest and perhaps the most famous in Guangzhou. A night cruise is an opportunity to take in the ambience of the city and can be arranged from the comfort of a Guangzhou serviced apartment. Offering Guangzhou long stay accommodation to discerning travellers, Springdale Serviced Residence Guangzhou should be thought of when searching for options of lodging.

Nothing quite adds up to the pageantry that one will discover when embarking on a night cruise on the Pearl River. The journey begins at the White Goose Pool and ends at either the Baihedong or Guangzhou Bridge. The cruise which takes approximately two hours will capture the sights of the river banks and lead you past the Zhuhai Square, Aiqun Mansion and Guangzhou Hotel. The ship also passes a total of ten bridges which include Renmin Bridge, Jiefang Bridge and of course Guangzhou Bridge itself.

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