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Odyssey Submarine – A Picturesque Ride Underwater

What better way to view the underwater treasures of Bali than by submarine, a unique adventure that will give you a whole new experience of the ocean as you have never seen before. The Odyssey Submarine Bali prides itself on being the one and only submarine in South Asia open for tourists.  Being able to accommodate a maximum of 36 people this is one adventure that can be undertaken by the whole family providing a view of the marine wonderland that can be experienced by anyone of any age. Who needs sophisticated scuba diving when there is a luxurious submarine waiting to showcase the plethora of marine treasures.

Plenty of tour packages are available with a number of providers for those of you interested in taking on this adventure. The tour usually starts off at the Amuk Bay where a transfer boat will transport you to the waiting submarine and then begins the fun. The vessel plummets down 90 feet giving passengers a spectacular view of the most rarely visited and breathtaking underwater world. The tourist can observe the most colourful corals and marine species including parrotfish, butterfly fish, unicorn and sergeant major fish. There are also plenty of other brightly coloured fish and flora sure to entice anyone who sets eyes on them. The total underwater submarine ride takes about 45 minutes and tour packages can be combined with other interesting activities like aqua sports or feeding fish. Now anyone can have a fun filled experience in Bali with the trip underwater by submarine, sure to linger forever in one’s fondest memories. If you have even an inkling of doubt about safety rest assured that the Odyssey Submarine has constant contact with surface support craft ensuring you have the safest of journeys.

Bali offers a plethora of activities and has some of the finest beaches with ideal conditions for swimming. A satisfying holiday in this region can be assured by choosing Anantara Seminyak, Bali where you can indulge in the luxury, comfort and impeccable hospitality of the Balinese. One of the most sought after Bali hotels, this rest offers a range of activities that gives you a taste of this magical city as perhaps no other Bali hotel can.

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