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Nam Van Lake – An exciting water feature

Macau is one of two vibrant special administrative regions of China, alongside Hong Kong. Its primary industry is tourism, with many colourful casinos dotting the cityscape, making it a lively concrete jungle with a spate of exotic attractions that urge exploration. Visitors to this fascinating metropolis would enjoy staying at one of many Macau Hotels offers the curious tourist, and the Galaxy Macau Resort Hotel is an excellent option for both business and leisure visitors. A glitzy one-stop shop where guests can anticipate having all their champagne dreams and caviar wishes fulfilled, a stay at this one of a kind Macau hotel promises to be unforgettable. Prepare to be mesmerised with a visual feast for the eyes as you witness the stellar entertainment offered at Nam Van Lake, one of two manmade lakes in Macau. The lake boasts an impressive Cybernetics Fountain, the largest manmade water fountain in Asia, which comprises 86 spouts through which jets of water shoot up to 80 metres in height. This stunning water feature boasts a laser show that comprises 288 lights that shine through the falling water to create a stunning visual spectacle reminiscent of Vegas. The 3D effects created by the show are truly a magnificent sight to witness at night, and admission is free. The show times of the show vary throughout the year, with specially-themed shows features at certain times of the year, such as Chinese New Year, Christmas time, New Year’s Day and the mid-autumn festival. The fountain is easy to locate as it is right next to the Ferry Terminal. Nam Van Lake is also famous for hosting the Dragon Boat Festival each year, which is a raucous and fun Chinese holiday that brings droves of visitors to the waterfront to eat, drink and witness some impressive fun on some gorgeously intricate dragon boats fashioned especially for the festival. 

Angela Fernando is an impassioned travel writer who composes pieces under the pen name Sumaira Narayan. She loves writing about new and exciting places around the world and intends to visit them all someday.


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