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Merdeka Palace – where independence in Indonesia took root

Originally crafted for a Dutch businessman, Merdeka Palace stands as an iconic edifice from where Indonesia was liberated from Dutch rule in the year 1949. Located near The National Monument, the palace serves as a wonderful destination to explore the history of Indonesia. If in Indonesia schedule a day’s trip to Merdeka Palace by staying at a service apartment in Jakarta. Offering some of the most sought after of Jakarta serviced apartments to visitors, Ascott Jakarta would be a good choice.

Symbolising prestige and authority, Merdeka Palace now functions as the official destination for all state events in the country. Out of all the rooms that makeup the palace, the ‘Ruang Kredensial’ is where the Indonesian President is known to receive Letters of Credence from every foreign ambassador in the country. Next in line is the ‘Ruang Raden Saleh’ which showcases five of the best paintings ever created by local artist Raden Saleh. However its most prized possession is perhaps the ‘Regalia Room’ which is where the ‘Bendera Pusaka’ or the 1st Indonesian flag is kept after it was flown for the very first time after the Indonesian Declaration of Independence in 1945.

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