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Manhattan Island Cruise – a trip around a historic island

The Big Apple or New York as most of us knows it is one of the busiest cities in America which has quite a fascinating history behind it that might surprise most visitors. The largest city in the United States of America which was once named as its capital city in 1789 and has an estimated 250 movies are filmed annually. The island of Manhattan which is a part of New York, was originally purchased in exchange for a collection of tools which is thought to have been worth a mere 24 dollars.

Manhattan was purchased by Peter Minuit who was a Dutch explorer from the natives in 1626 who inhabited the island at the time. New Amsterdam was the original name given to what we refer to as Manhattan today. The southern most corner of Manhattan is thought to have been used as a trading port by Dutch traders who utilized the location of the island to their benefit.

One of the best ways to experience
Manhattan is to do so while cruising on a ship at a leisurely pace which gives you ample opportunity to soak in the sights and sounds of this fascinating city. Booking a full day cruise with one of the local tour operators will take you right around Manhattan Island wh
ich usually takes around three hours. While on board, visitors will get a close up view of the Statue of Liberty, the Chrysler Building, Ellis Island, Wall Street, the Brooklyn Bridge, Yankee Stadium, the Empire State Building and the George Washington Bridge.

Throughout the course of your trip around the island the tour guide will give a brief description on some of the key attractions and about New York and its history.Nestled in a convenient location in the heart of New York City, Millennium Broadway Hotel New York offers exceptional lodging options together with a host of useful facilities. This flagship New York hotel also offers corporate travellers a variety of services will prove more than useful to them. The variety of dining options and the outstanding service that comes with it makes this charming rest a Manhattan hotel New York is proud to call its own.

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