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Mandai Orchid Gardens: A Floral Enchantment

Orchids, with its beautiful yet delicate design, have played an important role throughout history. For the Greeks, orchids were symbolic of virility and fertility while the Aztecs considered these magnificent flowers to be symbolic of power and strength. During the Victorian era, adorning one’s home and garden with a beautiful bed of orchids indicated luxury and affluence while in Asia; these flowers were recognised for their considerable medicinal value. At present, orchids have clearly surpassed its ecological and symbolic value and have served as inspiration to even fashion designers who incorporate its delicate form into clothing as well. Further, its unusual form and pleasing colouring has lead to it indicating beauty, love and romance and states such as Singapore, embracing it as their national flower.

With its considerable recognition and importance, it is no surprise that John Laycock grew his own garden of orchids in the 20th century which lead to him opening the Mandai garden in 1951 in order to house and expand his personal collection of flowers. Incidentally, this gentleman is also credited with being the British founding member of the Southeast Asian Orchid Society. This Orchid garden, presently maintained by Singapore Orchids, can be located on Mandai Lake road and is conveniently accessible via public transportation. The gardens do have an entry fee, a mere $3.50 for adults and $1 for children below the age of 12 thereby making the Mandai Orchid Garden an accessible location ideal for relaxation.

The garden houses different varieties of this flower and for those wishing to see Singapore’s national flower, known as Vanda Miss Joaquim, you will get the opportunity to do so during this visit itself. The layout of the garden with its landscape designed to ensure optimum enjoyment of these natural beauties, allow you to make a leisurely stroll on its lush green grass or lie down comfortably under a shady tree and enjoy the peace and quiet making it an ideal outing whether you are in this city state for business or pleasure.

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