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Luxury Travel, the choice of the affluent holidaymaker

Today there are a myriad of diverse options available for luxury travel for the affluent traveller. There have always been special opportunities for those with plenty of funds to spend and this undoubtedly remains the case today, with a diverse array of premium pleasures available for the fortunate individuals who can afford them.

The luxury traveller will naturally always fly First Class and enjoy the pampering that the world’s best airlines can provide. Extravagantly comfortable seats, the finest in international cuisine and the best entertainment options naturally await the First Class flyer. It would undoubtedly be fascinating to select the premier class experience in the airlines of different countries and thereby experience the best of each nation’s traditions.

The affluent traveller will undoubtedly desire to explore different parts of the globe and there is no better place to start than Europe. Famous destinations for the well-heeled include such places as Switzerland, the South of France and the Italian Riviera where the wealthy will find delightful pleasures whatever the individual’s personal preferences may be. Europe also includes other perhaps less renowned destinations such as the islands of Greece, the fresh air of the Baltic lands and the unique landscapes of Scandinavia.

No globe-trotting journey would be complete without a visit to the Land of the Free as the United States offers unlimited experiences for the affluent visitor. From Nevada to the Sequoia National Park in California and the scenic landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, there are innumerable sites of interest in the nation, and one will always find premier standard facilities for those who can afford them.
The vast expanses of Asia and Africa offer many delights for the luxury traveller, with exotic landscapes and fascinating traditions awaiting the visitor. The affluent traveller will be able to sample the best that these continents have to offer, from delectable cuisine to exquisite jewellery, artworks and handicrafts. Each of the Asian nations in particular has its own unique customs and specialities which are always a delight to sample.

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