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How to Plan a Private Dhoni Excursion in the Maldives

There is no other way to explore the scattered islands of the Maldives and the country’s beautiful seascapes other than by dhoni. A private dhoni is even better as it offers the means of having an idyllic holiday experience even for people who don’t dive or snorkel. Visitors can choose from over a hundred registered dhonis and safari boats that cruise the Maldivian waters fitted up to suit water sports, diving and fishing enthusiasts. Dhoni cruises focus on the pristine reefs of the North and South Male and Ari Atolls to give their guests the best Maldives experience within a short period.

Planning Private Excursions

Private dhoni excursions in Maldivian waters are the stuff of romance and make unforgettable holiday memories. Private sunset cruises are the most common while multiday excursions are favoured by those wishing to enjoy cruising around the islands, snorkeling diving, surfing and fishing at different locations and enjoying time under the stars and dining on sandbanks far from civilization. In order to select an excursion suited to personal requirements go online to find details of private dhoni excursions. The route, the duration of the trip, type of boat, on board facilities and the operator is of utmost importance as they are the key to making the excursion an extraordinary experience. If having a multi day cruise experience it is important the go for the dhoni excursions with personalized service, special cruise itineraries and all the luxury trimmings. However if it’s a moment in time that is required, many resorts offer private sunset dhoni excursions. A glass of champagne and finger foods are provided as part of this one hour experience. Day excursions on a private dhoni around an Atoll are another alternative to enjoy surroundings near resorts. Day trippers can picnic on a desert island and swim and snorkel in private lagoons. Sunset fishing in a private dhoni is another way to have a great experience. The fish landed during trips can be barbecues for dinner afterwards. The best time to go on private dhoni excursions would be between December and April when the monsoons have died down, the sea is calm and sunsets are gorgeous. Stay at Anantara Dighu Resort & Spa Maldives one of popular Maldives five star resorts to have an exceptional luxurious Maldivian experience and to enjoy private dhoni excursions to explore the surrounding waters.

Assessing Costs

Costs depend on the type of excursion chosen. Naturally the multi day all inclusive private dhoni excursions with guide and crew will be hugely expensive while the one hour romantic private dhoni excursion and day excursions can fit into many a budget. However everything depends on personal objectives and how visitors want to experience the Maldives. Private dhoni excursions are available throughout the year including during periods of low demand when the rates are very attractive.

Facilities & Amenities

Hand built wooden dhonis come in various sizes. The smaller ones with the lanteen sails are generally used in the coastal waters and the multi decked larger dhonis with two or more sails and fitted with diesel engines are used for multi day excursions in open waters. Guests are offered every luxury on the larger vessels and they are geared to provide support for diving, fishing and other water sports expeditions. The larger vessels have a deck area with a lounge, dining spaces and a fully functioning bar and kitchen. Meals are prepared fresh on board. Privacy and personalized service is guaranteed.


The advantage of all day and multiday private dhoni excursions are a bigger area of the Maldives can be enjoyed other than the surroundings of a resort and for enthusiastic divers this is the best way to experience fabulous dive sites. Guests can disembark at other resort islands and Maldivian villages to enjoy some cultural connections.

Before Boarding

Once a the type of private dhoni excursion has been identified and all details have been checked, book the excursion well in advance as there is usually a big demand for the shorter private excursions during the tourist high season. Longer excursion may have to be booked with a private operator although some resorts are able to offer this facility as well as they have access to a range of sailing craft.

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