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Cultural Activities in Dubai

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The country is home to a great number of cultural attractions and world class galleries, museums and architectural wonders. There are also a number of edutainment venues that have come about in the recent past, providing the country’s culture and history in new light.

Abu Dhabi was once an authentic fishing village and there are still remnants of this ancient lifestyle apparent in some parts of the city. There are small street corners that have stayed the same and bring back to memory the old Islamic existence and way of life. There are a number of cultural activities held at institutions such as the cultural and scientific association, the jumna al majid heritage and the sultan al owais cultural establishment.

Galleries and exhibitions scattered around the city host various annual functions and shows that are open to the public. Classical music shows hosted by the ‘concert committee’ are very popular in Dubai, along with theater groups. Apart from this, there are several Muslim religious and cultural festivals throughout the year. Ramadan is a festival celebrated depending on lunar sightings and Dubai celebrates this festival in true style, as the business hours get shortened to make way for the fasting and quieter nightlife that gives way for loved ones to spend time together.

Here in Abu Dhabi you will see how local heritage and international influences create and intriguing mix of old and the new. While culture is rooted in Arabic Islamic traditions, it has developed in to a vibrant cosmopolitan city. Despite the economic development it has seen over the past 30 years it still promotes their fascinating culture and traditions.

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