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Business Travel in Asia, where business meets pleasure

With the emergence of many Asian nations as economic powerhouses driving the world economy it is not surprising that executives based in Asia as well as other parts of the world travel extensively throughout the continent. With this influx of high-powered corporate travellers all the major cities of Asia offer special facilities for corporate visitors.
Today corporate travellers will find all the amenities required for conducting global commerce in every quality accommodation. Such facilities as business centre services, broadband Internet access, meeting and conference rooms and courier services are widely available, alongside features like Jacuzzis, saunas and spas which will make every trip a delight.

Each Asian nation has its own corporate culture derived from the norms of its customs and heritage. As one of the world’s most powerful economies Japan naturally features frequently in the travel plans of top executives. In Japan a conservative cultural environment holds sway. Business travellers should dress conservatively in quality business suits. Similarly female executives should dress modestly and avoid wearing pants as this is unacceptable in a business situation in Japan. Japanese people also like their personal space to be respected.

When conducting business in China it is always important to be collected, controlled and calm. This indicates that you are a person worthy of respect. Business relationships are usually very formal and it is considered inappropriate to make physical contact with one’s host or guest other than a polite handshake. In China it is considered appropriate to give gifts to business contacts.
The peoples of many Asian countries such as Thailand and other southeast Asian nations place a marked emphasis on aspects of courtesy such as respect, politeness, self-control and a genial pleasant demeanour.

When conducting business in the Middle East it is important to respect the prayer times particularly on Fridays when congregational prayers are mandatory. Today women are present in the Middle East’s corporate environment, but males should avoid excessive eye contact and shake hands only if initiated by the woman.

Corporate travellers in search of 5 star hotels whilst visiting Asia will be delighted with the accommodations of the Peninsula Hotels. Make your hotel reservations at these splendid luxurious establishments which offer superbly appointed rooms and attentive hospitality.


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