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Ayurvedic Spa Treatments – Enter into Physical & Mental Bliss

Think soft, rhythmic movements pressing against those pressure points…aromatic herbs and oils and their fragrances wafting through the air as you lay down…and slowly and serenely you are taken into a deep sleep from which you wake up refreshed, relaxed and totally rejuvenated. Think Ayurveda Spa treatments, the modern introduction to an art of healing that’s thousands of years old.

Ayurvedic Spa treatments are not just about beautification and relaxation. They go much beyond into de-stressing your mind body as well as spirit. They promote overall wellness and purify and restore the optimal balance of the body. Among the many types of Ayurvedic Spa treatments that are offered around the world, three stand prominent. They are Abhyanga, Swedana and Shirodhara. Abhayanga is a deep massage done using medicated oils that are appropriate to your dhoshas or ailments. The massage is usually done by two Ayurvedic masseuses who work on your body to get it rid from toxins and improve lymph flows. The rhythmic oil massage also enhances your immunity, stimulates circulation. If you’re suffering from body aches or pains, this is a good treatment for you and you can get this hands on healing treatment at COMO Shambala, the creator of indelible spa experiences around the world.

Swedana, another form of Ayurvedic Spa treatment, is a revitalising herbal steam bath used for the detoxification of the body and muscle relaxation. The aim of this treatment is to drain out the toxins through sweat and that is done by placing you in a steaming box for 30 minutes. The Swedana treatment increases the heart rate by 50-75 percent, which in turn enhances the cardiac output resulting in increased blood flow to the skin. The increased blood flow supplies vital nutrients to subcutaneous tissue and skin hence stimulating both cellular activity and growth of cells.

The Shirodhara Ayurvedic Spa treatment focuses on affecting the whole nervous system in order to achieve deep mental relaxation. In the Shirodhara treatment, warm herbal oil is poured on the centre of the forehead. This is because the treatment is based on the Ayurvedic principle of the Chakra system in human beings and the forehead is considered as the ‘Third-Eye Chakra’.


Shehera Fioni is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Catalina Forbes. Her content is based on many thrilling escapades offered to travellers across the world.


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