Tapping into the best investment opportunities in Thailand – Investing in Thailand

Thailand as a business destination offers corporate travellers plenty of options be it at its cosmopolitan cities or its laidback beach resorts.

Image Credit - Infinite Luxury

Image Credit – Infinite Luxury


Despite the intriguing vacation landscape of Thailand, the economy of the country has been through a tremendous amount of change and today, country bears favourable opportunities for foreign investments. As one of the largest growing markets in the world, and as a member of the ASEAN region and its unforgettable vibrant consumer base, the country attracts a large number of international investors.

Reasons to choose Thailand

Considered as one of the most striking destinations for foreign investment, Thailand has come up with different strategies and is now offering many incentives and attractions to lure the investors. One of the most important aspects to consider when investing is its society. Thailand’s society, mainly the business community is quite welcoming to investments planning to establish operations in the country.

Investments in Property

Many foreigners staying in Thailand for some time develop an interest in having their own home, be it an apartment, condominium or a house. There’s a myriad of Phuket luxury villas for sale offered by some of the best companies such as Infinite Luxury for those looking to invest.

Business Contacts

Business in Thailand is based on trust and friendship developed over a long period. Therefore it is imperative that meetings with business entities are carefully planned with long-term goals in view. Business people need to be aware of cultural norms of the country so as not make embarrassing and potentially damaging gaffes.

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Theme Parks and Attractions in Doha – Let the Excitement and Limitless Fun Begin

Economically booming Qatar and its flourishing capital Doha have so much to offer when it comes to adventure, fun and excitement. Thrill seekers would have a wide range of activities lined up in Doha at the stunning theme parks. Doha is increasingly becoming an attractive tourist destination running closely behind Dubai, besides having one of the largest expat working communities living in the popular city. There are many attractive things that are offered to travellers here. Besides astounding large-scale theme parks and cultural and religious attractions, there are many 5 star hotels in Doha that visitors can enjoy such as Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara that provide luxurious accommodation.

Circus Land is one of the great places to visit if you are interested in playing games, going on joy rides and winning toys and other prizes. Even though it is mostly meant for kids, adults with childlike minds can also have fun at Circus Land. If you want to take your kids along with you to enjoy water games and activities then you must visit Aqua Park in Doha. Enjoy splashing and getting wet all over at this top notch park which has a massive wave pool, slides, lazy river, family pool plus much more.

Jungle Zone is another fascinating place to enjoy with your kids engaging in adventure games. It offers many attractions such as wild flume, bumper cars and a mountain coaster. Don’t miss watching a 7D movie at its high-tech cinema. You can play your favourite video games together with your kids at a video arcade. Among other things you can do are going on a one day desert safari tour in Doha, visiting the Qatari Museum or going to the Mohamad Al Dosari Zoo & Game Reserve.

Visit to Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan – A historical park aglow with cherry blossoms

The fascinating Japan is an agreeable mix of traditional and futuristic. The local cuisine alone, which is in a league of its own, is a reason to visit. The advancements in air travel together with cheap flights to Japan means your next vacation could be just a few clicks on the keyboard away. Tokyo, the Japanese capital is also the country’s largest and busiest city. With more online travel agents like findmyfare dominating the internet, Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport are seeing more traffic than ever before.

Tokyo has many beautiful sights, among them is Ueno Park. The large public park was once property of the Kaneiji Temple. During the Edo Period, it served as the family temple of the ruling Tokugawa clan. It was also one of the most prominent temples in the area and its purpose was to protect the city from evil. Kaneiji Temple was almost completely destroyed in the Boshin Civil War and following the Ueno battle the temple grounds were turned into a Western style park, the very first of its kind. Ueno Park opened its doors to the public in 1873.

To visit the park, disembark at Ueno Station in central Tokyo. At the southern entrance you will see a statue of Saigo Takamori, a general who died in the battle. Shinobazu Pond, which represents Lake Biwako, is located at the southwestern end. At its center is an island with a temple that honours the goddess of Benten. Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum for Western Art, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, the National Science Museum and Ueno Zoo are located inside Ueno Park. It is also home to over a thousand cherry blossom trees. The trees come to life with a vibrant pink glow during late March and early April.

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All you need to know about Bali – a healthy knowledge of a much loved island

Reams and reams are written about Bali’s glorious beaches and its hospitable people, but do you know the basics about the province? Primarily it is an island of Indonesia. The landscape of the region is varied. Marvel at the island’s forested volcanic mountains, rice paddies and glistening beaches. The south of the province is well-known for the city of Kuta, where food is aplenty and methods of preparation are meditated upon. Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort adds much colour to this beach city. The Northern part of Bali is popular for its resort towns. Luxury resorts have come up on almost every inch of its sandy shores. We are yet to begin understanding the island indepth; here are some essential Travel Tips to Bali.

Effective communication can go a long way when travelling in a foreign land. Balinese, Indonesian, English and other indigenous Balinese languages are spoken in the province. Thankfully, most locals are bilingual, but there is no harm in being familiar with their language.Smile graciously and try some of these phrases, selamatpagi (good morning), tolong (please) and terimakasih (thank you).

A hearty meal is also always on the agenda, but be cautious about eating street food. It is not to say that the people of Bali are unconcerned about hygiene, yet it is best to hear your tummy say that it is ready to take it all. Additionally, you must ‘think green’ when travelling in Bali, try not to purchase too many plastic bottles of water. Instead use the water filters available in most locations and purchase a stainless steel bottle instead.

Be respectful towards the customs of the land. If you happen to travel to Bali on Nyepi, which is a day of silence, note that everything in Bali (including the airport) does not function. Merely a day allocated to ponder, would make your trip a blissful one.

Make sure you don’t have to stay indoors on your visit to Bali. The rainy seasons are from January to April and October to November, it is best to look into all aspects of your trip before booking your ticket.

While rules must be followed, it is more important to explore, frolic and be daring when on vacation in Bali.

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Al Qattara Arts Center Al Ain – Oasis of Art

Known for its extravagant ways of life and majesty the Middle East has more than just luxury to offer. It’s a region that has rich culture and heritage and takes pride in it. One of the best places in Abu Dhabi to enjoy art is the city of Al Ain . The city has been a preferred retreat even for some of Abu Dhabi’s inhabitants due to ts milder climate. Known as the garden city due to it’s lush greenery , the city is the second largest city in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has many visitors annually and to cope with the numbers there are large number of lodging options available.

Luxury Hotels in Abu Dhabi have been a popular choice among the tourist. There are many of them scattered around various locations however a noteworthy choice mentioned by past travelers has been , Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara overlooking the water front has 222 well appointed suites and rooms offering unparalleled luxury.

Located on the the recently renovated Al Qattar Fort in Al Alin, which is home to great Art center and gallery. The art center carefully tries to maintain the blend between traditional art while offering state of the art facilities. There are hundreds of modern exhibits that are housed in the center with rooms offering learning spaces to conduct tutorials. One of the key aims of the center is to enable learning and practicing arts and culture among the UAE community.

Within the center there is a dry studio where music classes , art crafting take place while there’s a Wet studio for drawing and painting. There is also a pottery studio a digital studio as well as a cafe and library with relevant material.

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Miss Elle – Mirissa’s own 33ft Luxury Cabin Cruise – One of a Kind

The good old coastal town of Mirissa in the deep South of Sri Lanka has got a face lift in the recent past. Attracting many new visitors more than ever before, the small town has been a hot topic in the local arena. Mirissa resorts have not lagged back in keeping up with the trend , there are many new resorts that have come up on the coastal lines of the town. One of the noteworthy new additions that has won a lot of praise from its past guests has been CASA Colombo Collection Mirissa. Offering unmatched luxury, this boutique hotel is designed tastefuly keeping in mind the modern traveler.

Miss Elle is a one of a kind luxury yacht in Sri Lanka. The 33ft long luxury cruiser embarks on its journeys from the Mirissa Marina. Offering various packages such as the Sun Down Cruise, The Private Charter or the Whale Watching tour.

Mirissa being a popular stop for Whale and Dolphin watching one of the best ways to enjoy views of these sea majesties is to sit back and relax on the Miss Elle. The Cabin Cruiser can hold a maximum of 12 passengers. The Sun Down Cruise departs at 5.30 pm from the Mirissa Marina and offers some of the most panaromic views of the sea and the sky at dusk. There are various set menus to choose from to enjoy on the cruise. The sailing time if two hours.

The Cruiser is also available for private charter. The cruiser features in built toilet facilities, fly bridge seating, salon lounge galley and dining and a cabin.

While not out in the sea on this luxury lady, Mirissa has so much more to keep you entertained such as the local cookery lesson to be a part of or just take a tour around the town on a bicycle.

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Hot River Stone Massage – One of the best therapies to relax and rejuvenate

Hot stone massage is a variation on classic massage therapy. Heated smooth, flat stones are placed on key points on the body. The massage therapist may also hold the stones and use them to massage certain areas of the body.The hot stones are usually made of basalt, a type of rock that is rich in iron, so they retain heat. River rocks are normally used because they are smooth – they are smoothed over time by the river current. Como Shambhala has one of the best wellness massage, and they have an excellent hot river stone massage to relax and unwind and to soothe the body and soul. COMO Shambhala’s powerfully therapeutic Hot River Stone Massage uses smooth warm oiled rocks that glide along muscles, correcting tensions at the deepest level, soothing knots in the muscles and working with dynamic stretches. Como Shambhala is located at a very scenic and tranquil location, offering peace and privacy for their guests, only a handful of exclusive guests will be entertained at this beautiful hotel.

The warmth of the stones increases circulation, relaxing your muscle tissues and allowing your therapist to effectively massage even deeper muscles. When we combine Hot Stone techniques with a Full Body massage, you experience the healing effects of reduced pain from chronic conditions, decreased stress and tension, increased flexibility, improved circulation and an overall sensation of relaxation and warmth. A hot stone massage, however, takes a lot of skill and sensitivity on the part of the therapist.

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A Tourist Guide to Sigiriya – Palace in the Skies

Sri Lanka is a beautiful little island in the Indian Ocean which is home to numerous treasures. One such highly accredited historical monument is Sigiriya. Declared as a UNESCO world heritage site the rock fortress is located in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka.

Being a key tourist attraction, the area surely has many accommodation options. From a camp site to a Hotel. In Sigiriya given the thick forests surrounding it , many hotels and resorts aim to make them eco friendly. One of the highly recommended places to stay in this part of the country is Hotel Sigiriya. Designed to incorporate every bit of nature around the hotel the hotel aims to be sustainable as possible and the accommodation in itself is designed to create the utmost comfort.

Referred to as the eighth wonder of the world by locals, the rock fortress was built by one of the kings of Sri Lanka , Kashyapa, around thousand six hundred years ago .After killing his father to secure the throne this fortress was his hiding place , in order to escape enemy invasions he built a moat around the rock. However the highlight of the rock is the frescos found in the cave , the paintings were done using natural dyes such as plant extracts and honey, it is also believed the paintings are of the five hundred maidens of Kashyapa.

Another key feature on the rock is the mirror wall, where one can find numerous poems written by the king himself on a polished surface similar to a marble or mirror as its name suggests. The lion’s paw is one of the other key feature in Sigiriya which leads to the summit of the rock. The fortress has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site and is one of Sri Lanka’s most treasured historical monuments. There are several other activities to do around Sigiriya such as the wild life safaris, and elephant back rides and many others.

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Wellness Experience In Bali – Pamper Paradise

Bali is world renowned for the wellness experience it offers. Balinese massages are highly recognized world over. These age old massage techniques and spa experiences are highly recommended by most that have experienced it.

In Bali one could find places that offer services in different categories. Luxury Spa Resort Bali are becoming famous world over as many travel to Bali to experience pure luxury and pamper themselves. One such place highly recommended by past visitors is The Laguna Resort and Spa Bali. The resort is sat overlooking the Indian ocean and offers unmatched relaxation and pamper in the most comfortable settings.

The influence to the Balinese massage was derived from traditional medicine systems from Indian , South East Asia and China. A combination of aroma therapy and other massage techniques constitute the Balinese massages , it involves a lot of soothing essential oils and practitioners may also use stone massage techniques. The technique involves acupressure. A stay in one of Bali’s wellness resorts is regarded by many as an experience of a life time.

Regardless of the great experiences Bali has to experience in the soothing side of things , Bali also has many other things for one to explore. Such as the sandy shores of the island , Bali boasts of some of the great beaches and many resorts are lines on the shores. Bali also has a rich history in great architecture that was influenced by the former Hindu experience. The island is full of tropical vegetations and is a great place to experience a laid back holiday. One popular place in Bali that boasts of some great pieces of art is the Kendra art gallery. Also The Monkey forest is a not to miss for those visiting Bali. Bali has many breath taking views to offer and never disappoints its visitors.

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Spa and Wellness in Macau – Luxury Indulgence for the body and soul

It’s easy to get lost and enjoy yourself too much in Macau. Macau is a world famous venue for entertainment, and pampering yourself is a must, in this million dollar city. With so much things to do, tourists will have many activities that will make them tired, therefore many of the tourists want to get pampered with a Spa and massage. There are many places to submerge in a truly balancing experience of mind, body and soul, ensuring your journey is a sense of awakening and enlighten. The Galaxy Macau Hotel Resort is and award winning resort which features World-Class Asian relaxation offerings for every guest. The award-winning Banyan Tree Spa, the ESPA and the Foot Hub offers a world of indulgence and luxury. The accommodation at the Galaxy Macau Resort is legendry, with world-class dining and luxury accommodation. This unique resort offers more than 1500 rooms and suites, decorated with the most modern amenities and is richly decorated. The Spa facilities are offered within the resort, and special packages , massages and scrubs, pedicures and all sorts of beauty treatments will be offered for guests to relax and unwind, after a hard day of shopping and waking about in the city.

Nirvana Spa in Macau takes on Hindu wellness philosophies of rest, harmony, stability and joy. From facials to massages to scrubs and pedicures, there is a wide selection of offerings for women looking to treat themselves. For those who want a unique experience, Altira boasts the most sophisticated ‘wet’ spa area, featuring vitality rooms, crystal stream rooms, ice fountain, Rasul showers and a beautiful infinity pool. As one of the most luxurious spas in Macau, The Spa at Crown offers the ultimate, rejuvenating spa experience in a contemporary and resort spa environment. Guests can get pampered by the professional experts who will provide a wide variety of spa treatments, guest can really benefit and relax and unwind with their expertise.

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