Mekepung (Bull Races) – Racing Buffalos in Bali!

images (4)Bali offers visitors some truly unique holiday experiences and one such example is Mekepung or bull races that take place in Negara. Before heading to the area it is important to find suitable accommodation and if you enjoy the finer things in life then you should look to stay at luxury resorts in Bali. Located amidst breathtaking coastal scenery, Regent Bali is one such Bali luxury resort in the Sanur District. Taking place outside Negara, the bull races in actual fact feature water buffalos and traditionally were held to mark the end of the rice harvest. The animals themselves are adorned with a variety of colours and paraphernalia and they pull a two-wheeled cart with a driver, while being cheered by frenetic crowds!

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Ban Thawai Wood Carving Fair – Exquisite wood carvings

Situated in the Chiangmai district of Bangkok, Thailand, Baan Tawai is a village that is well renowned for its exquisite wood craftsmanship as well as the beautiful wooden carvings that are produced by the great artisans concentrated within the village.

The art of carving wood has been passed down to the present day wood carvers through generations. It is thought that these traditional farmers were directed towards whittling wood and making furniture for their houses during the non harvest time and as such over time gained a reputation for outstanding products. The Chiangmai district itself is that of hardwood forests and artisans of old used teak wood as their preferred choice. Teak however is now a dwindling resource and as such have strict laws preventing its use excessively. Mango and monkeypod tree wood make ideal substitutes however.

The artisans of Baan Tawai have annually organized a woodcarving fair that takes place for 15 days and is usually held around February each year. Although this is more of an exhibition and trade-fair rather than a festival, the crowds that flock to the village during this time are certainly not disappointed.

Wood carvers create before your eyes not merely souvenir type of carvings, but elaborate statues and even furniture. Pre-made carvings and wooden furniture are also available for sale. Kitchenware such as salad bowls, utensils and items such as lamps, wall hangings, statues, figurines, exquisitely detailed dolls, toys, animal replicas and much more are available in all types of wood and sizes.\

Baan Tawai carvings are of such high repute that the village maintains a very lucrative and constantly moving export trade. As such anything you see at the Baan Tawai Wood Carving Fair which would not fit in well with your luggage on your way home can be safely entrusted to the care of the Baan Tawai people who will carefully and safely undertake for the transferring of your purchase to your country.

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