Wat Pho – The Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho is Bangkok’s largest temple and is definitely worth visiting when in the Thai capital. Located behind the equally famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha, this historic site is where one can view the well known statute of the reclining Buddha which is around 46 metres in length. Also of note are the 3 metre long feet of the Buddha which have been adorned with a variety of illustrations. Those making a donation towards the upkeep of the temple can receive a blessing from a monk as well. Travellers heading to the city and looking for a Bangkok luxury hotel from which to explore the capital can stay at Metropolitan Bangkok. This luxury Bangkok hotel offers a wealth of facilities and the very best in modern comforts and conveniences. 

Beverly Hot Springs Spa – To Rejuvenate Your Soul

If you are looking for a place in Los Angeles to replenish and rejuvenate your soul with a lavishing spa or a body treatment the best place you should head to is Beverly Hot Springs Spa. It is the only purely 100% Natural Hot Spring Spa that you would find in Los Angeles and could be easily reached from downtown and Beverly Hills. Hot Springs Spa was originally found accidently by an unknown person and rediscovered again in the year 1931.Years back the water of this spring was sold for drinking purposes at 10 cents a gallon. After many years the area has improved to a lovely public facility which boasts a natural privilege enjoyed by many people for relaxing.

The gentle waters of the only innate mineral thermal spa jets out replenishing water from an artesian well which goes down 2200 feet underneath soil. The water from the hot spring is made perfect with geothermal heat, radium, sulfur, alkaline, sodium and sodium chloride to give the best effects of a spa with healing powers and reviving effects. Many doctors worldwide prescribe hot spring spas for many medical conditions where utilizing mineral waters would help in control or stabilizing the body conditions. Hot Springs Water in Beverly Hills is believed to stimulate the body circulation, combat fatigue, lessen skin disease, arthritis, neuralgia, high blood pressure and also relax muscles. Women are mostly interested in Hot Springs Spas because it is believed that it gives a healthier and silkier skin.
Bamboo Stick Massage at the spa is a very modern technique of massage using bamboo sticks which is said to help in calming the body and giving the client an exotic feeling. Beverly Hot Springs Spa is a place where anyone could go and have an absolutely exotic, rejuvenating treat with the sizzling waters of the spring. People living in the vicinity of Beverly Hills or is visiting Los Angeles should definitely try out this grand pleasure. A hotel in Beverly Hills is sure to give you a nice vacation. The Peninsula Beverly Hills is a place that many travelers choose as their accommodation as it has long been a premier Beverly Hills hotel.

Metamorphosis: Titian 2012 at the National Gallery – Where the Contemporary Artists come to life

Metamorphosis- Titian 2012 is a grand event and is something a London visitor should not miss if you are in the country during the months of June and September. This extravagant festival is organized together with the collaboration of The Royal Ballet which is certainly a show of pomp and pageantry. The event will be coming to light from the 11th of July to the 23rd of September and will be made significant with an array of cultural programs. Metamorphosis – Titian2012 features work of the most modern artists like Conrad Shawcross, Mark Wallingr and Chris Ofili together with The Royal Ballet.
It is a segment of the Cultural Olympiads’ London Festival of 2012. The spectacular masterpieces at the exhibition boast the innovative ideas and creations of the contemporary artists. The Festival is all about British creativity in arts and culture mastered throughout years and with an enormous experience which has led to the success of Metamorphosis- Titian 2012. Diana Actaeon, Diana and Callisto and The Death of Actaeon which are some of the most renowned pieces depicting the poem Metamorphoses by Ovid and is displayed for the first time at the exhibition ever since the period of the 18th Century. Top notch British choreographers, composers and dancers would be taking part with the fellow artists to make it a glistening evening on the date of the performance done by The Royal Ballet at The Royal Opera House. Carol Ann Duffy, Simon Armitage and Seamus Heaney’s works have been taken to respond for Titians paintings by the National Gallery. The Theme Metamorphoses, a poem by the Roman poet Ovid who lived in 43 BC gives the meaning ‘Transformations’ in Greek. Also this poem was a great inspiration to many Renaissance and contemporary artists.

Britain is an ideal place of visit for cultural festivities similar to Metamorphosis – Titian 2012 will be held in London. Your visit to the festival could be made even more fascinating if you choose a Suite Hotels London similar to The Langham London which is a place accommodated by many London travellers. It is definitely positive that you would spend your vacation in London amazingly while lodging in Luxury Hotels London.

Hit the target at the Caracal Shooting Club

Shooting has long been a popular sport in the Middle East, so it is no wonder that the United Arab Emirates has some of the best shooting ranges in the region. Shooting is now a past time for many of those that frequent the Caracal Shooting Club, however perhaps a century or so back it was a way of life for the nomadic tribesman that lived in the area.
Being a an accurate marksmen was important in those days as the tribesman used to hunt wild desert game for food and also the occasional feud with other tribes or invading armies would lead to a gunfight. Throughout the decades shooting and the love of beautiful guns became entwined with Middle Eastern culture and it spawned the establishment of shooting ranges such as the Caracal Shooting Club.

The Caracal Shooting club is the first of its kind in the city of Dubai; it is equipped with the latest technology that one would find on Olympic shooting ranges. The plush environs and the friendly service offered to visitors here make this an enjoyable and exciting venue to visit. Anyone can take part in shooting here, be they experienced marksmen or absolute novices to the sport.

Beginners are taken through a short introductory tour and given some basic instructions by the staff on the techniques of shooting, after that it’s a matter of choosing your gun and firing at the target. This facility boasts of a twenty five meter shooting range and also a simulated ten meter range, both of which are on par with international standards. 

A lavishly furnished lobby and the adjoining coffee shop will provide ample entertainment and relaxation to those that accompany wannabe marksmen lest they prefer not to try their hand at shooting. A gift shop that sells Caracal Shooting Club merchandise is also located nearby should one want to buy a souvenir t-shirt, mug or key chain. The shooting range can be easily accessed by UAE Hotels such as Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Middle East. These Middle East Hotels offer great accommodation and the very best in hospitality.

Fine Art Asia

Hong Kong contains quite a few tourist attractions for a country of such a small size. Although the city is technically a part of China it operates like a separate country. Somewhat more western in outlook than mainland China, HK is the ideal starting point for tourists who plan on exploring the Orient. In addition to a number of interesting sights, one can also find plenty of things to do. The city has excellent infrastructure which makes it the perfect place for concerts, exhibitions and conferences. Fine Art Asia is one of the biggest events held here and should not be missed by art lovers.
Fine Art Asia is Asia’s biggest antiques and arts fair, featuring participants from around the world. The art event is a project by Art and Antique International Fair Limited, a local group whose members are both aficionados and experts in the field. Started as an interesting new platform for art in Asia, Fine Art Asia was first held in 2006 and was a runaway success. It has been held every year since, gaining wider participation each time. In 2012, the event will be held for the eight time and will take place between the fourth and seventh of October. 
The highlights of this year’s program include ‘Sit and Watch the Rising Clouds’, a showcase of contemporary French and Chinese art and ‘From 20th Century to Eternity’, a look at design furniture from Italy. The art expo will take place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Opening hours will be between 11 am and 7 pm. One can check the official website for further information including a full list of all the vendors who will be present. 
Tourists planning on visiting the city around this time should book their accommodation well in advance. Those who want a cosy 4 Star hotel Hong Kong can try the Cosmo Hotel. The popular Hong kong boutique hotel is situated near the Causeway Bay area, which is the city’s premier tourist and shopping destination. The hotel is a terrific place to stay offering a variety of services designed to make staying in the city a breeze.

Fish Spa in Bangkok – One of a kind experience in Bangkok!

Fush Spa in Bangkok is a must- try experience when visiting Thailand. Although you can see fish foot therapies all around the world now it was originally started by the spa owners in Bangkok. Most of the spas and beauty parlours in Bangkok offer this service to people who just wait for something else in front of a shopping mall. The experience of a fish foot therapy is always described as a pleasant one and this has resulted in its popularization among the foreigners. During your trip to Thailand if you are looking for a luxury Bangkok hotel there are plenty to satisfy your needs. Metropolitan Bangkok is one such Bangkok luxury hotel which would promise you personalized services and contemporary living during your stay. 

Fish Spa in Bangkok – A Fishy Pedicure

Spas come in many different appearances with many different techniques, but nothing can appear more unusual or fun than having a spa treatment at a fish spa in Bangkok. Unusual as it sounds, dipping your feet in a pool of 125-150 baht for 15 minutes or longer is becoming one of the most popular ways to get rid of pesky dry skin off your feet. These little nibblers pick at the dry skin leaving you with smooth perfectly soft feet. Worry not, they are not flesh eating piranhas, the nibs are playfully gentle and tad bit ticklish and definitely a lot more fun than having a quick pumice.
This Fish Spa treatment also comes as a high recommendation for those who are suffering from skin deceases like psoriasis or eczema. Come and enjoy this tingly unusual experience at one of the fish spa facilities that is closest to the Bangkok luxury hotel you are accommodating at. The extremely helpful staff at Metropolitan Bangkok, an exceptional luxury Bangkok hotel, will point out the nearest and best spa facilities that allow you to experience this unique treatment.

Meydan Racecourse Dubai – Redefining the Sport

Located about 4 km away from the Dubai Creek, this destination is where sport, business and cosmopolitan living has been recreated and redefined in a manner that they complement each other. The term Mayden can be directly translated to ‘a meeting place’ in Arabic – a true and worthy description of what the destination has to offer. This concept thrives on a culture that offers a unique standard in entertainment and lifestyle. The complex consists of a racecourse, metropolis, commercial and residential area. 
For residents as well as visitors to this amazingly luxurious city, the racecourse offers the perfect venue to experience the opulence the city has to offer. The iconic racecourse and grandstand – both architectural masterpieces, are located at the heart of Meydan City. The facilities here include a stadium which can house 60,000 spectators, training and breeding units, a car park that can accommodate up to 8,600 vehicles, and restaurants, cafes and eateries. The complex is also home to an IMAX Theatre, the Meydan Museum and Gallery, and the Dubai Racing Club. 
Today the venue is the choice destination for the horseracing elite of the world. The concepts and architectural styles involved in creating this masterpiece in horseracing has redefined the sport amongst sporting enthusiasts as well as the most richest and influential people in the world. The Dubai World Cup, now recognized as the world’s most prestigious race, has set new standards in the field. 
Spread across 67 million sq feet, the Meydan Racecourse is the world’s largest such facility. It features a 1,750 metre all-weather Tapeta surface track and a 2,400 metre turf track. Its unique Rooftop Sky Bubble can accommodate up to 4,500 spectators.  
Visitors to Dubai are offered with a range of attractions and promise of a luxurious holiday. Accommodation options are in plenty at this opulent city, portraying its culture in all accommodation options, be it a 5 star hotel Dubai or an apartment. For convenience most prefer a Dubai airport hotel, especially those on business trips. The Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai, located close to the city’s Airport, offers its guest the perfect balance between extravagance and convenience. 

Fashion Destinations in Tokyo – A World in Itself

In Tokyo fashion is a specialty of the city. Boasting top designer retail outlets and a plethora of citizens modeling the city’s fashions, when you step in here, you are sure to be involved in this fashion hotspot. The colours, shapes, styles and designs in Tokyo are meant to captivate its visitors and give you an amazing shopping experience!

In the Japanese capital it is not hard to locate fashion destinations as every area has something exciting in store. But the real designer hubs are Shibuya, Omotesando and Ginza, which house a number of designer outlets that are sure to get your credit card pumping. Malls and shopping centres flood these streets in a trendy setting which gives this area a modern cutting edge vibe. The BEAMS is one fashion empire you should not miss when shopping in the city. Occupying a huge chunk of Harajuku this collection of upscale boutiques gives you an all in one designer ware shopping experience. For a new taste and a unique collection visit Flair Aoyama. This rather unusual outlet relies heavily on the adventurous taste of its designers rather than mirroring the trends set on the streets. Shoppers interested in cutting edge fashion and designer jewellery will enjoy shopping in Tokyo. Then there is the Ginzo Wako building famous for its jewellery and luxury items; the Laforet Haraju, the teenage fashion paradise; the Shibuya 109, a very popular mall thanks to its location next to the Shibuya station; and the Omotesando Hill, home to an array of popular designer outlets. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Gucci and Prada also have their very own stores here.

Fashion in Tokyo is a world in itself. By the number of malls, boutique and stores found in this city you are sure to be lost in this tantalizing world. With so much of Tokyo to explore and so many purchases to come home with, you should find a good hotel Tokyo to come back to for some winding down. A popular choice amongst tourists is The Peninsula Tokyo. This luxury hotel Tokyo proudly boasts of has all the classy amenities that make you want to stay longer, enjoying the luxury of shopping and staying at your favourite hotel in the city.

Yas Marina and Yacht Club – Island Getaway in Abu Dhabi

Set amidst idyllic landscapes the Yas Marina and Yacht Club is the perfect place to unwind as you soak up the sun or laze on a boat. Situated on Yas Island, the marina and yacht club enjoys a perfect location amidst the Yas Marina Circuit. The marina can accommodate 143 yachts and is also home to dining options and even a nightclub. Those looking for some exciting activities can take part in the new water sport craze of “stand up paddling”! Travellers visiting the region and looking for Abu Dhabi hotels that offer the very best in contemporary comforts can stay at Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi. This luxurious Abu Dhabi city hotel provides easy access to the city’s entertainment and dinning options.