Investing in Phuket- A Top Holiday Destination in the World

Recently ranked fifth among top holiday destinations in the world, Phuket is attracting more and more property investors than ever before. Read on to find out why.


A Life Style Choice

Apart from investments for business purposes, a growing demand for real estate to fulfil lifestyle choices have emerged. Many people now wish to own a holiday home or private villa tucked away someplace beautiful.

Improved Infrastructure and Lower Taxes

The stability of the Thai Baht and lower taxes in Thailand have contributed to an increase in foreign investments. This, in turn, has led to the improved development of infrastructure of the burgeoning residential areas. While a number of schools and hospitals too have been founded to cater to the growing affluent population.

Better Entertainment

Given the large amounts of tourists that Phuket attracts each year many premier hotels, exclusive beach clubs, and theme parks have popped up thus allowing the island to establish itself as an internationalised destination.

Types of Properties

Over the latter years, a number of private villas and condominiums have sprung up to facilitate the growing trend. These range from basic entry level properties to high-end ones which have in turn been developed by Phuket property investment companies such as Infinite Luxury.

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The Story of Overwater Bungalows – Discovering the Humble Origins of a Luxurious Concept

Over-water bungalows are now synonymous with luxury holidays and are widely used in tropical nations throughout the world within the most sophisticated resorts.


The Concept

With thatched roofs, and traditional designs concealing luxurious splendour within, the concept of the overwater bungalow is a staple where tropical luxury is concerned. The many Maldives over water villas found in entities such as Kuramathi Maldives placed this concept on the international map.

A Tale of Three Friends

The story begins when a trio of Americans, left their jobs, pooled their savings and travelled to Tahiti. The man spearheading this operation was Hugh Kelly, a former lawyer who is now deceased.

Trouble in Paradise

The trio bought some land in Polynesia for the growth and cultivation of vanilla, but it was later discovered that the land was unsuitable for this purpose. As a last-ditch effort to salvage their ambitious move, the trio scraped together a few resources and bought a four-star hotel.

Tourism Blossoms

The departure from vanilla production to hospitality couldn’t have come at a better time for the team. Upon developing the property further, Kelly Carlisle, the daughter of one of the partners, suggested they build three rooms on stilts that will allow divers direct access to the sea.

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What Beginners Need to Know about Surfing – Four Fundamental Facts

Surfing is a concept that is found all over the world. Where there’s a stretch of coastline and decent enough waves, surfers won’t be too far off.

It’s a Way of Life

If you speak to a surfer about this you won’t be surprised to discover how experiencing this has changed their entire lives for the better. Some would tell you that through the crucible of surfing, they ended up travelling the world.

It Requires Practice and Perseverance

Although there might be naturals, surfing, for the most part, has a fairly steep learning curve. Many of the best surfers have wiped out countless times before experiencing their first successful surf. There are many places where people can learn surfing. Even luxury resorts such as Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort provide opportunities to learn surfing in Sri Lanka.

There are Rules

Surfing is dangerous, so all surfers adhere to some very strict rules when tackling the waves. Surfers never steal another’s wave, and have adopted a strong sense of etiquette and mutual respect.

Knowledge Is Power and Ignorance is Dangerous

A good surfer will never overestimate oneself since that could easily result in a fatal accident. Beginners are always encouraged to find teachers and to never learn the sport without a seasoned guide.

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Things Guests Should Expect from a Luxury Hotel – Don’t Settle for Lesser than Luxury

If a hotel or resort claims to be luxury, then there are certain requirements they must meet before one can actually agree that they are, indeed, luxurious.


The word has frankly bee overused in the current markets. From soaps to footwear and cars, the term “luxury” is used often, and loosely too. The actual definition of luxury is a state of elegance or great comfort, especially expensive comforts.

Image Credit: Blue Water Club Suites

What makes a hotel luxury?

There are many luxury hotels in Sri Lanka the likes of Blue Water Club Suites and more, that actually live up to the term. But, what makes them different from the other hotels that claim the same? First of all, booking a room at a luxury hotel should be a flawless, smooth process that can be done within minutes.

Image Credit: Blue Water Club Suites

Check in & Checkout

There shouldn’t be queues at the reception; check-in and checkout must be fast, simple, and inconspicuous.

The Room

The room you looked at on the website and booked should be the room you actually get. Anything less than what you expected or paid for is a huge no for a luxury hotel. Also, a luxury hotel bathroom must be a spa in itself. With elaborately decorated tubs, spick and span countertops, and unlimited water access, the place should be a joy to look at.

Image Credit: Blue Water Club Suites

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Danga Bay in Johor Bahru – For a Fun-Filled Trip!

Just a short 7km trip from the bustling hub of Johor Bahru lies Danga Bay. Located in the south of Iskandar, the bay lays claim to picturesque scenery, great restaurants, and some fun attractions.

Danga Bay, Johor| Img by: Sham Hardy via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0

The Danga City Mall

The Danga City Mall is home to shops and service providers of all kinds and can be reached easily from many a conveniently located Johor hotel including the likes of Berjaya Waterfront Hotel, Johar Baru. Shopaholics are guaranteed to find some great deals here especially during the shopping festivals it frequently hosts.

Danga World Mini Theme Park

The theme park is one of Danga Bay’s star attractions especially for families with kids under the age of 12.

Tram Rides

Going on a tram ride and taking in the sights of the bay by evening is quite a treat as all the attractions are lit up with bright lights.


Danga Bay is quite famous for its seafood which is served at popular places such as the Ong Shun Seafood Restaurant. If you ‘re not a fan of seafood, then there are plenty of restaurants which serve cuisines from all over the world and visitors will have no shortage of options when it comes to dining.



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Types of Leisure Activities Offered by Luxury Resorts for Kids – The Junior kind of Fun

The Maldives is a very popular holiday destination attracting beach lovers from all over the world. The island nation has something for everyone to enjoy, especially kids!

family travel in maldives

Kids enjoying having an amazing time in Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort

Children’s Club

Many family-friendly luxury resorts have children’s clubs along with qualified child supervisors which your little ones can join, while you enjoy some quality time with your spouse. They have various types of leisure activities such as arts and crafts, movie and story times for kids of all ages.

Fun Games and Sports

Most resorts offer all sorts of games and sports which their guests can take part in. Volleyball, table tennis, aerobics class, wall climbing, and badminton are only some of the activities offered just for kids.

Plant a Coral Garden

Let your kids try their hand at coral gardening while gaining an education about marine life and the importance of its conservation. Adults too can take part in this activity making it one of the best vacations with the kids to be experienced.

Kid’ s Cooking Classes

Check out The Family Travel Blog to find out which luxury resort offers cooking classes for kids. It a great learning experience which your small ones can enjoy while making new friends. The classes are extremely safe and supervised and would include simple dishes like Mac and Cheese and baking homemade cookies.

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The amazing benefits of going to a gym – Sweating makes you smarter and happier

Going to the gym doesn’t mean a whole lot if you don’t know what you are doing. Exercising should be based on personal goals. Ask yourself why you are asking this question to begin with…do you want to be healthier? Do you want to be stronger? Or maybe you just want to look better?

Gym| Img by: janeb13 via Pixabay

A lot of people think exercise is important purely for the purpose of losing weight. There are, however, so many other reasons why we should all incorporate routine exercise into our daily or weekly schedules. Even if you are on vacation in a place like Mandarina Colombo, which is a popular Colombo city hotel in Sri Lanka, you can take advantage of the in-house gym and hustle for that muscle.

Feeling blue? Start working out!
One of most unexpected benefits of exercise is the improvement in self-image and ultimately, therefore, our self-confidence. Working out regularly helps keep our body fit and toned, and releases endorphins into our system, which helps combat depression and makes us happy.

In addition to keeping you fit, healthy and happy, exercise, quite unexpectedly, also boosts your mental prowess. Studies have proven that cardiovascular workouts help create new brain cells – and we could all surely use more of those!

Other benefits
Exercising not only helps one to maintain an attractive physique it boosts the blood floor and exerts muscles which help to maintain the internal health of organs and to reduce blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and other harmful conditions. Exercising also helps to develop self-discipline and control.




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Luxury Spa Treatments in the World – Pamper Yourself

Jetting off to travel the world? Then do look forward to spa treatments that are out of this world. The best elixir for rejuvenating a tired mind, body and soul, the following treatments are pure bliss.

The Rose Ritual

Consider six hours of utter bliss and you have the Rose ritual. Look forward to a day of nothing but the most luxurious pampering with one of the best Maldives spa packages at a hotel like Niyama Private Islands Maldives. The treatment takes you on a fragrant journey of utter rest and relaxation, centred on the aromatic radiance of exotic Arabian roses.

Qasr Al Sarab Romance

The Qasr al Sarab Romance is aimed at couples and offers side by side treatments. Enjoy the exfoliating benefits of desert sand and rose extract while an exotic massage with desert rose oils promise to take away your cares and arouse a new sense of wellbeing.

Royal Moroccan Hammam

Start off by laying on a heated black marble bed; there your ritual starts with the use of black olive soap and a kessa mitt used for polishing. At the same time, therapeutic steam enhanced with medicated herbs offer a soothing cleanse to your system.

Desert Fusion Massage

This is a deep healing treatment that is given in combination with medicinal desert marvels and curative heat procedures. Get set to relax and while away your cares as heated stones and a combination of desert sand poultice together with sweet almond oil is rubbed into your body.

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The best time for your luxury stay in Thailand – Holiday planning

When considering Thailand as your next holiday adventure, there are certain areas that you need to cover before packing your bags and boarding your flight. Listed below are some of the important facts that you should keep in mind.

Best time to visit
The weather is pleasant during January and February and therefore holidays at this time would prove to be well worth the time an effort. The monsoon period arrives in May or June and this is why those of you who don’t like the rain should avoid this time frame. However, some attractions can be visited but one would have to keep an eye open for the occasional thunderstorm.

Thailand’s holiday destinations have many choices of family accommodations from resorts to hotels of all-star classes, apartments, home stays and holiday cottages among others. Reserve your stay at a place such as Infinite Luxury which is a Phuket property investmentestablishment as it offers close proximity to many important places.

Where to go
Buddhist temples are a common sight in the country and those going on a sightseeing tour to Chiang Mai may visit Wat Pan Tao. Here one will be able to discover its fine wood carvings. Tour the historic locale of Ayutthaya, cloaked in tradition and intrigue. When here, do plan a visit to the Ayutthaya National Historical Park where ruined temples can still be witnessed. Dance your cares away at The Club or choose the more refined Distil Rooftop Bar which serves an array of rare cocktails coupled with a wine list that is second to none in terms of variety.

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Best Locations to Live in Phuket – Select the perfect base for island home in Phuket

Often regarded as one of the ideal locations for expats from around the world, Phuket is a dream destination that offers every comfort imaginable in a stunning beachside setting.

Familiarize yourself with the country

Thailand and its holiday island Phuket where a great many expats resettle due to retirement or the desire for a lifestyle change. One should be familiar with the neighbourhood and the lay of the land in each quarter as well as the quality of life of expats and locals living in the area. Read online and offline travel blogs and similar entries to gain a comprehensive understanding of your new island home.

Talk to the Local Community

During the site visit, it is imperative that potential expats engage with the local community and fellow expats residing in the region.

Narrow down your expectations

Each expat will have different reasons for relocating to the paradise island and it is important to ensure your needs are not only acknowledged but catalogued as it will make the search for the perfect location simpler. Those who are looking at Phuket property investment options can consider Infinite Luxury as it offers close proximity to many important places.

Explore the Locations on Holiday

One of the best ways to explore the everyday living conditions, attributes as well as the potential drawbacks of locations in your shortlist is to go on a Phuket vacation. Visit the areas during off-peak season to not only enjoy low airfares and accommodation rates.

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