Fun Times Shopping in Phuket – Island Retail Therapy

While you may be planning to spend your holiday lazing on the beach in Phuket, don’t forget this Thai island offers some laid-back shopping too. Here are some hotspots worth adding to a shopping expedition!

Jungceylon Shopping Mall

Located across from Bangla Road, the Jungceylon Shopping Mall is a very popular mall. It features a Robinson department store and a Big C supermarket along with over 200 shops selling branded fashion, mobile phones, shoes, cosmetics and more. There is also an onsite multi-screen cinema, bowling alley and gaming arcade.

Turtle Village Phuket

While Mai Khao is an ideal place to chill out at a beach club in Phuket, it also offers some shopping fun at Turtle Village. This complex is walking distance from M Beach Club Phuket and features jewellery, fashion, antiques, souvenirs and more. You will also find plenty of options for enjoying food and drinks at venues like the Bill Bentley Pub.

Central Festival Phuket

Found on the outskirts of Phuket Town, Central Festival is a great place for fashionistas; here you will find brand names the likes of Dorothy Perkins, Zara, Mango, Lacoste, Levi’s and Miss Selfridge. Silk goods, household items and jewellery are also sold at this mall that has a fantasy adventure 3D walkthrough experience as well.

Phuket Walking Street

Set amidst charming Phuket Old Town, Phuket Walking Street transforms Thalang Road each Sunday from 4 pm to 10 pm. It’s a great place to experience a more traditional Thai market where you can not only purchase souvenirs but sample some delectable local delicacies too.

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Nizwa Souq: The Best Place to Shop in Nizwa – Enjoy a spending spree!

A small town in Oman, Nizwa offers plenty for travellers looking to take home authentic souvenirs! A centre of Omani culture, the Souq itself is a great place to visit if you need a raw experience. Interested in learning all there is about the best place to shop in Nizwa?

1). What Is Nizwa Souq

Nizwa Souq is made up of a primary entrance which contains a series of sections within. There is a date market, an organic produce market but the majority of stalls are showcasing textiles, pottery and various antique items.

2). What to See

Fridays are particularly interesting to visit the souq on as Bedouins and traditional Omani folk come by to trade animals, especially goats. While you tick items off your list of things to do in Nizwa if you’re keen on looking for a place to stay there are options like Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort for example.

3). Facts About Nizwa Souq

Entrance to the souq itself is free but you’ll want to spend money on items inside! There’s also a huge free carpark outside.

4). What to Eat

You’ll want to energise, so why not experiment and try the camel kebab! There’s plenty of food stalls near the carpark so you’ll not be left lacking in options.

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The Wildlife Experience in UAE – A Surreal and Diverse Experience

When you visit the UAE, you’re not going to get bored with all there is to do but do make sure you check out the wildlife around the country for a more rounded experience. Here’s a list of places you can visit to get up close to the animal kingdom!

Mangrove National Park

Located along the Eastern Ring Road, the Mangrove National Park boasts 19 square kilometres of forest. At this national park, you can enjoy birdwatching, kayaking, paddle boarding, and sunset tours. Roughly around 60 bird species are found here, along with several other marine animals. Make sure you abide by the rules set in place in order to maintain the habitat!

Al Ain Zoo

Founded in 1968, the Al Ain zoo is the place to visit if you want to spot all kinds of animals in the UAE! Education and conservation programmes are fundamental as per the facility’s core beliefs, ensuring the animals have plenty of space for themselves. More than 4300 animals call this zoo home, such as monkeys, lions, tigers, hippos, giraffes, and gorillas among many more.

Sir Bani Yas Island

This natural reserve and haven for over 13,000 animals are found off the coast of Abu Dhabi. As you go ahead with sightseeing in Abu Dhabi, pay a visit to the island for a real safari experience. Truly a unique experience, head over to Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort during breaks!

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Top Things to See and Do in Sukhumvit, Bangkok – Dynamic Discoveries Await!

One of the longest roads in Thailand, Sukhumvit and its many sub-streets, known locally as “sois”, provide intrepid travellers with a chance to experience the very best of what Bangkok has to offer.

Sukhumvit Road| Img by:J. M. via Flickr,CC BY 2.0

Shopping Delights

Fashionistas can enjoy shopping at the impressive EmQuartier mall where designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Chanel can be found. More retail therapy is on offer at the unique airport themed Terminal 21; around a 10 minute walk from Maitria Hotel Sukhumvit 18 – A Chatrium Collection, it has levels styled after different destinations be it San Francisco, London, Tokyo or Paris!

Foodie Adventures

Those staying at a hotel in Sukhumvit also have lots of opportunities to enjoy some foodie discoveries; popular street food such as mango sticky rice, pad Thai and papaya salad are definitely worth trying when here. Soi 38 and Sukhumvit Road Street Market are two places known for offering street food, while there are plenty of eateries and restaurants throughout Sukhumvit too.

Relaxation and Recreation

If you’re looking to relax after all the shopping or burn some calories following your foodie tours, head to Benjasiri Park! A great place to unwind, this scenic park with its central lake offers recreation options too like volleyball, basketball, jogging and skateboarding.

Party Time

As night falls, Sukhumvit is given a fresh lease of life and features many clubs where one can dance the night away. LEVELS Club & Lounge, Demo and Beam are amongst the popular venues here that you can include on your itinerary for club hopping in Bangkok.



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The Ocean Creatures of Maldives Waters – Meet Friends from the Seas!

The rich and nutrient oceans of Maldives teem with amazing marine creatures and witnessing them will certainly be a memorable experience read on to know more about some of the most astonishing creatures that inhabit the Maldivian waters.

Sea Turtles

The ocean that surrounds the Maldives is home to 5 turtle species. Among the five, Hawksbill turtle and the Green turtle are the most commonly spotted turtle species.


Many species of Rays could be found around the reefs of the Maldives and the elusive and magnificent Manta ray is one of them. You can see them up close and personal by signing up for a diving excursion during your stay at accommodation options the likes of Anantara Veli Maldives Resort.


Corals are the lifeblood of Maldives! Almost all the islands of this tropical paradise have been formed by these amazing creatures over a course of millions of years. Even today many of these islands are surrounded by vibrantly coloured corals and you can see them for yourself if you plan on staying at a Maldives resort hotel.

Reef fish

Attracted by the coral reefs thousands of reef-dwelling fish make this ecosystem their homes. Angelfish, clown fish, cardinal fish are some of the most beautiful reef dwellers that you could see during your diving excursions.

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A walk down the Art Market in Bali – Immerse yourself in excellent craftsmanship

A walk down the Art Market in Bali offers you plenty of eye-catching items that you’d no doubt jump at – the alleyways are packed with small shops that are full to bursting with multi-coloured goodies!

Main features

Ubud Art Market is the perfect spot for you to buy souvenirs. Woodcarvings, woven skirts, Balinese paintings, oil lamps, Buddha statues and batik items will add more character to your collection of memorabilia.

Evening strolls

You don’t necessarily have to buy anything; you could just walk down the alleyways to witness the Balinese artistry and craftsmanship.

On your first day…

You could spend your first day walking around the market to get a thorough idea – the next day; you can walk down to the market from your Bali resort hotel to make the actual purchase.

Other things you must know

More often than not, items on sale don’t have any fixed prices. Haggling is something you have to do if you want to get a reasonable price. Also, there are many accommodation options not too far away from the market – a good example would be Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort.

A final point…

If this is your first time in Bali, don’t be in a hurry to buy things, do your research first!

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Chongqing Best Attractions – discover yet another amazing city in China

Like all cities in China, this city too is unique. Chongqing is known in China as the Mountain City and for good reason. The land here is uneven and as a result the buildings in the city are spread out in an odd fashion which make it all the more intriguing. Here are a few must visit attractions to visit during your holiday here.

The Dazu Rock Carvings

The Dazu Rock Carvings | Image Credit : Truthven, Dazu rock carvings baoding buddhas, CC BY-SA 3.0

Ci Qi Kou

This Chinese name refers to the Porcelain Village. This is being recognized as a cultural site that needs to be preserved in the year 1998 is indeed a tourist-puller. Imagine a walk down the stone paved lanes with wayside kiosks selling some of the most intricate trinkets. This is exactly the scene that unfold at Ci Qi Kou each day.

The Dazu Rock Carvings

Being a piece of art that is believed to have been created during the 9th century, the Dazu Rock Carvings, are amazing sight! Craftsman began work on the rock back in the time of the Tang Dynasty and continued through the ages of the Ming and Qing Dynasties too. If you are concerned about finding the ideal apartments in Chongqing, China for your stay Somerset JieFangBei Chongqing will not disappoint.

General Joseph Stilwell Museum

There is nothing more interesting than museums to the history enthusiasts out there. Chongqing has something for you too! Genral Joseph Stilwell was a soldier who was at the peak of his career during World War II. He was well-loved by the Chinese people whom he befriended.

The Yangtze River Cruise

If you are up for some adventure, then why not opt for the Yangtze River Cruise? Embark on an 8-day voyage and seize this chance to get a good look at the Fengdu Ghost City, Shennong Stream and the Three Goges.

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Exploring the Siem Reap Markets – Much more than your usual day of shopping!

Tourists feel a little overwhelmed at the range of products that are found at these markets. Fashion boutiques, art galleries, jewellery, silks, ceramics, silverware and stone carvings are sure to empty your pockets!

Local Markets

Siem Reap Old Market, Phsar Samaki, Phsar Leu and Central Markets are your local markets. You can buy literally anything at these fairs.

Night Markets

Night markets are aimed mainly at tourists – so, it’s not hard to find a night market close to your hotel in Seim Reap – as they have given birth to resorts such as Anantara Angkor Resort. Among the most famous markets are Noon Night Market, Seim Reap Night Market and Made in Cambodia Market.

Street Food

Barbecued meat, soft duck eggs, Khmer fried chicken are some of the food items in the street food category. There is also a palette of local fruits such as durian, green mango and dragon fruit.

In conclusion

In addition to local markets and night markets, you should save some time to explore shopping malls like Lucky Mall, Angkor Trade Centre. Places such as Art Work Gallery, Art Deli and Asia Craft Centre are also worth a visit.

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A Chanthaburi Travel Guide – A tranquil and old city with many wonders

From charming waterfalls, large cathedrals to Buddhist monasteries and national parks, the scenic town of Chanthaburi offers a fantastic escape to discover numerous and appealing attractions.

Chatuchak Market| Img by: Mr.Peerapong Prasutr via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.0

A bit of history

Locally referred to as the “city of the moon”, this is a place that is a blend of many Asian cultures. Influences of Thai, Khmer, Mon, Vietnamese, Chinese, Shan, Burmese, and Fresh architecture can be found throughout the city.


Shopping and street food are a crowd puller in Chanthaburi. So, are you a shopaholic who also loves to sample delicious food in every corner? This city was tailor-made for you! The Chatuchak Market has an hour or two worth of shopping within it and is a trendy place to be at when you are in Chanthaburi.

Where to stay

Finding a hotel in Chanthaburi that is not too far from all the town will make your stay there less tiring. One of the luxury hotels close to town, for example, is Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao. The city also has a few choices of budget hotels, but most of them are smack in the middle of the town.


You can walk through streets and sample different cuisines without having to find specific restaurants like in other parts of the country. Seafood is a raved about cuisine in the city, and the shockingly cheap plate of Chanthaburi crab noodles is much loved both among locals and tourists.



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Exploring the Chanthaburi coast – An underappreciated all in one travel experience

Chanthaburi is a province found in Eastern Thailand. There are numerous different hidden gems to be found in this charming coastal city that just isn’t appreciated enough. While this coastal city is often overlooked, it’s definitely worth a trip.

Thailand Beach|Img by:torent3 via pixabay|CC0

A pilgrimage to paradise

From January to March is when the passage to paradise is open to the public.1 hour and 4 minutes from Chatrium Golf Resort Soidao, this site is where Thai locals pay their respects to the highest Buddha footprint. However, the destination is highly recommended for non-religious adventures as well, as the landscape is unlike anything else! The footprint mountain is only one part of the national park, as the Khao Khitchakut National Park offers plenty of treats for wildlife and nature lovers.

A gem market

Gem road or Sri Chan Road draws merchants from all over the globe to bargain for gemstones on Fridays and during the weekend. If you’re staying at a hotel in Chanthaburi, take time off to visit the gem market as the experience is bound to be surreal. The Chanthaburi Gem and Jewelry Centre takes you through a 3D exhibition on the local gem industry.

A culinary journey

Durians are the king of fruit and if you’re looking for the king of kings, Chanthaburi Durian Festival is where you should be! This season lasts from May to July, giving you the opportunity to taste durian and other fruits. The coastal city is also packed with delicious local cuisine and provide you with a one of a kind eastern Thai culinary experience.

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