Whale Watching in Mirissa – In Search of the Giants of the Ocean

Spotting a whale, swimming wild and free in the ocean, is a truly unforgettable experience. Whale watching in Mirissa, Sri Lanka gives you just such an opportunity to witness these giants of the ocean in their natural habitat.

Sri Lanka – Whale Watching| Img by: José Ozorio via FlickrCC BY 2.0

The best time to go

Generally, November to April is considered the peak time for Mirissa Beach whale watching and the ocean is generally calmer and warmer during these months; during this season, December to March is a particularly favourable time to spot whales.

The voyage begins

Whale watching tours begin from Mirissa Harbour and boats generally leave around 06:30am or 07:00am. Because of the early start, it’s best to stay within easy reach of the harbour and south coast hotels like Le Grand Galle by Asia Leisure are among the available options to consider.

The giants of the ocean

While whale sightings can’t be guaranteed, you have a pretty good chance of spotting blue whales on your expeditions. Sperm whales, fin whales and Bryde’s whales may also be spotted along with bottlenose and spinner dolphins.

Don’t forget

Do remember the seas can be choppy and even if not, the boats will probably tend to rock on the waves; so it’s always better to take some pills for motion sickness before beginning and in fact, some tour operators offer such pills as part of the package. The voyage can last between three to five hours so have sunscreen ready too.



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Kayaking and Canoeing in Phuket – Taking to the Waves on an Adventure

Looking for a fun way to go exploring in Phuket while also getting in a great cardio workout? Kayaking and canoeing is the answer with lots of adventures for you to enjoy!

The wonders of nature

Phang Nga Bay is one of the most popular Phuket attractions that can be enjoyed while kayaking or canoeing. Home to imposing limestone cliffs, secluded islands and vibrant coral reefs, it is little wonder that this area rich in biodiversity has also been named as the Ao Phang Nga National Park.

In search of a “hong”

One of the best experiences when kayaking, especially in Phang Nga Bay is the chance to explore “hongs”. These are somewhat like collapsed cave systems that can be accessed at low tide and are home to their own distinctive ecosystem.

Seaside fun

Kayaking doesn’t always have to be about serious exploration. If you are staying at a beachside resort such as Anantara Layan Phuket Resort you can always look to just hire a kayak and take to the sea, by yourself or with a loved one; it’s the perfect way to enjoy the laid-back beach vibes, tropical sunshine and a whole new perspective of the island.

Best time for canoeing and kayaking

These activities can be enjoyed pretty much all year round in Phuket and it should be noted, rainy weather even adds a whole new allure to such adventures. That being said, December to March offers plenty of sunshine for an unforgettable excursion out at sea.

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Good Health Habits – Finding the Balance Amidst the Hustle and Bustle

In today’s most often stress-filled and hectic world, it is vital to have good health habits that help you find the “balance”. Most often following simple steps consistently, can make a huge and meaningful difference.

Eat healthy

Comfort food may come in the form of deep-fried goodness or heavenly desserts, but do remember to eat healthy too. Be you at work, home or even a wellness resort in Bali, look to incorporate fresh veggies and fruits into your meal and snack times. They not only are good for you, but also add the added “boost” to your day and immune system.

Take time off

Sometimes you just need to take a break which includes a change of scenery. Plan a getaway to island resorts the likes of Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort which offer special wellbeing programmes that offer yoga, meditation and plenty of “me time”.


Get active

If your lifestyle means you spend most of your day behind a desk or doing routine tasks, you need to add some exercise to it. Jogging or walking even for 15 to 30 minutes a day is important not only to burn pesky calories, but pent-up stress too.


H2O to the rescue

Water is vital to your general wellbeing and also helps flush out unwanted toxins from your body. Recommendations vary from having 1.2 to 3.7 litres of water a day; whichever you choose to follow, it’s important that you drink water periodically throughout the day rather than all at once.

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Exploring the Natural Habitats of Elephants – An Unforgettable Experience in Thailand

Love anything to do with elephants, the largest mammal on earth? Then read onto find out what exploring the natural habitats of these intelligent animals in Thailand would consist of.

Elephant Learning Experience

With this experience, visitors can learn more about the elephant’s behaviour, biology, and conservation which is guaranteed to be a highly educational experience, especially for kids. One can also get to watch them play and frolic in the bathing areas in places such as Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, which is a quite a popular elephant camp in Thailand.

Sponsor an Elephant

Help make a significant difference in the lives of these gentle giants by sponsoring an elephant. There are many foundations which are set up primarily for elephants that cannot fend for themselves in the wild, whether through abuse or circumstances.

Engage in a Yoga Session Surrounded by Elephants

Get the chance to calm and free your mind as you explore the lush forest trails alongside majestic elephants. After which one can enjoy a rejuvenating personalised yoga experience among lush paddy fields.

Picnic with Elephants

Take along a delicious hamper packed with delicious gourmet delights, along with a rug and settle down among plush greenery in a secluded spot and enjoy some quiet time amidst nature while herds of elephants munch quietly on their own leafy snacks.

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Interesting Facts about the Far East (China) – Get Ready to be Mind Blown!

The Far East is the geographical term used to refer to East Asia mainly, China. Here are some interesting facts about China.


China is the world’s most populated country with over 1.3 billion people. According to statistics, one in every five people in the world is Chinese. Despite many efforts by the government, the population of the country is still on the rice.

Land area!

The country spans across a whopping 9.6 million square kilometres making it the second largest country in the world by land area. It is also believed that the territories of ancient China was even larger than this!

China is one of the world’s busiest business destinations

The country houses a myriad of trade cities and ports and it is home to one of the world’s leading industrial countries. The country also houses a number of stunning sky scrapers and apartment buildings the likes of Ascott Raffles City Chengdu which is one of the Chengdu serviced apartments and many others with unique architecture.

Some of the inventions that changed the course of history are from China,

Chinese people are believed to have high levels of intellect since ancient times. This fact can be proven as the roots for many of the devices and inventions that revolutionized human history was invented in China. Some of the groundbreaking inventions by the Chinese includes, paper, printing press, gunpowder, the compass, cast iron and the list could go on forever!

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The Exciting Adventure of Rafting – Ride through Fast-Slowing Waters!

Would you like to get to know the art of bobbing about in a boat? All nature lovers and thrill seekers alike can tap into the power of nature through an exciting rafting experience.


‘Rafting’ is a recreational outdoor activity that requires paddling a raft through frothing and fast-flowing waters. Even though rafting is a thrilling experience, it also needs a certain degree of technical expertise and physical stamina. The first whitewater rafting experience was recorded in 1842 by Lieutenant John Fremont along the Platte River. Now, this sport has undergone a huge change from the boat design, equipment to techniques.

Water class

Also known as the International Scale of River Difficulty, the water class classification system is designed to make the rafters aware of the conditions of the particular stretch of whitewater. There are six categories ranging from class 1 to class 6. The lower end of the scale, class 1 represents small rough areas whereas class 6 indicates the opposite of it; a real possibility of danger!


Looking to add a bit of variety to your water rafting experience? Specific techniques like punching, high-siding, low siding and ferrying are utilized by many rafters to manoeuvre through obstacles. If you are holidaying at a Seminyak Bali resort the likes of Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort, you’ll get the opportunity to navigate the longest river in Bali with an experienced travel guide.


Planning reduces risk and it will give you worry-free fun! Make sure that you wear the most important safety equipment, the PFD properly to ensure safety during your trip. Consider the weather conditions before you set off!

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Surfing and other Watersports in the Maldives – An Action-Packed Holiday!

The Maldives is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in the world where you can experience a fun-filled island escape. Try out these amazing activities to spice up your holiday.



Are you a surf enthusiast? Wide lagoons and warm waters in the Maldives make it perfect for both beginners and experts to practice surfing. For a good dose of the sun, surf, and sand, the best time to visit the Maldives is during May to October, as this is when the island quite literally comes alive with better conditions for surfing. Do consider staying at a Maldives luxury hotel the likes of Naladhu Private Island Maldives, for a magical island escape with many exciting water sports activities.

Catamaran Safari

This is one of the enjoyable water sports adventures that you can experience while holidaying in the Maldives. During the safari, you will witness the spectacular blue waters around the ocean, adorable dolphins and the clear infinity sky above. When it comes to the best water sports in the Maldives, catamaran sailing is enjoyed by many tourists due to its journey filled with excitement.

Fun Tube

Make sure that you can handle the speed! Those looking for a more adventure and speed, can a have a Fun Tube ride. You will feel like you are experiencing a rollercoaster ride on the beautiful waters. It will be a great way to enjoy some fun time with your family.


Jet Ski

Gather unforgettable memories while spinning around the blue turquoise waters by a water scooter. This activity allows tourists to view the Maldives from a different perspective.

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Yoga and Its Origin – Becoming one with the Universe

The word ‘yoga’ comes from the word ‘Yoji’ from the Sanskrit meaning to join. The practice of yoga is focused on helping the body, mind and soul become one. Here’s how it began.

Knowledge from a God

Shiva is known as the first Adiyogi. By the Himalaya Mountains, thousands of years ago, Adiyogi passed in his knowledge and learning of yoga to 7 sages who then spread the practice throughout the land.

More than uniting the body and mind

Yoga does help the physique of the body as well as the mind and soul to synchronize. But, there is much more to yoga than just this! Yoga is about becoming one with the universe itself.

Classifications of yoga

Yoga begins to work with an individuals’ body, mind, emotions and energy. This has brought about 4 main clarifications of yoga; Karma yoga, where the body is used, bhakti yoga where the emotions are used, gyana yoga, where the mind and intellect are used and kiriya yoga where the energy is used.

Where yoga is practised

India is the main country in which yoga is very common in the society. Another country would be Thailand which focuses on wellness. Chiang Mai, for instance, has hotels like Anantara Chiang Mai Resort that do offer yoga practices as a service to guests.

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The Amazing Benefits of Thai Massage – A Soothing Cultural Practice

Thailand is known the world over for its spas and unique spa techniques. Those treatments are more than just a routine or another way to stay healthy and disciplined!

Relieve stress

Does stress at work takes a toll on your health and productivity? The classic spa treatments will help to reduce stress and thereby to regain the balance between your mind and body. Most of the Thai spas and wellness centres are set in a calm and relaxing environment to ease your mind.

Increase energy

The combination of elements like physical therapy, massage, and yoga in Thai spa treatments have the ability to increase your body energy to rediscover the young you! If on a holiday in Bangkok, experience some of the heavenly Thai spa massage techniques at one of the many Bangkok 5 star hotels the likes of Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel, and relieve your body pain.

Improves blood circulation

Thai massages have the ability to stimulate the movement of blood in different parts of the body. While continuous body movement helps to maintain proper circulation, the pressing and touching techniques help the flow of blood. Moreover, the yoga-like positions will aid to enhance one’s flexibility to reduce muscle stress and strain.

Good humour!

After a rejuvenating treatment, feel extremely relaxed filled with optimism. The perfect balance between your mind and body will ultimately let you feel a good mood throughout.

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Open House: Exploring a Space with Modern Architecture – Dine, Shop and Read!

Bangkok is truly an interesting place to visit, offering a myriad of experiences. Irrespective of your preferences you will find interesting places to visit like the ‘Open House’. Do read on!


The Open House in Bangkok is a fit-for-all place designed to serve everybody’s tastes. Located in the Central Embassy complex 50 metres above the city, this sophisticated shopping mall covers an area of 7,000 sqm. It features a well-planned assortment of cafes, restaurants, a bookshop and plenty of space to relax and read. Special events like book signings and culinary workshops attract many tourists from all around the world to this fascinating place.


This shopping mall has gained recognition the world over for its stunning architectural design. It has been by Tokyo-based Klein Dytham Architecture. As you move forward along the spaces you’ll witness beautiful timber framework patters of the towers. Mirrored panels on the ceiling are built in a way to break down the immensity of the ceiling. The Art Tower adds extra beauty to the place with trees planted on the top of it.


If on a holiday, those wanting to head over to the Open House could take advantage of the town’s numerous accommodation facilities. If you are residing at a service apartment in Bangkok the likes of Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok Serviced Suites, it’s just a 10-minute drive to the Open House.

Things to do

Wouldn’t it be fun to go through the pages of your favourite book, savour artisanal dishes or to buy catchy garments and flashy accessories? You’ll not come across a better place in Bangkok than the Open House where you can have everything under one roof.

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