Everything you need to know about Phuket, Thailand – A complete guide

Thailand’s largest island, Phuket, is also known for being the hottest tourist destination in South of Asia, read on to know why.

When to go

January and February are the best times to visit Phuket, as this is the tourist season. If you prefer the emptier streets that only offseasons can offer, visiting later would be better.


Being a developing country, the Phuket property investment scene is happening right now and many investment companies the likes of Infinite Luxury have varied options for the interested buyers.


Explore the Phuket Old Town, the Phuket Weekend Market, the Walking Street, Khao Rang, Trickeye Museum, Baan Chinpracha, and Siam Niramit when you visit the city.


Phuket has some of the best shopping hubs in all of South Asia and places like the Chillva Market and Jim Thompson store have everything you might need.

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Luxury Life styles in Phuket – From Crazy Parties to Celebrity Patrons

Phuket is the country’s largest island and has become one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting everyone from backpackers to billionaires.

Image Credit - Infinite Luxury

Image Credit – Infinite Luxury

A Tropical Paradise

Anyone who has heard of Phuket would be familiar with the term ‘tropical paradise’. A Google search of Phuket would produce a never ending smorgasbord of images showcasing unimaginable coastal serenity with beaches of powdery sand eclipsed by lush tropical wilderness.

Image Credit - Infinite Luxury

Image Credit – Infinite Luxury

The Resorts

The resorts of Phuket are renowned as being realms of luxurious indulgence where guests lose themselves to a world of indulgence. There’s also a lot when it comes to Phuket property investment with many examples such as Infinite Luxury.

Celebrity Visitors

You might be amazed at how many A-listers visit Phuket on a regular basis. This spectacular island has been graced with likes of Beyonce and Leonardo Di Caprio. Even the Kardashians have been known to visit Phuket on occasion.

The Parties

Phuket has been a notorious party destination for some time now, and boasts some of the biggest music festivals and raves in South-East Asia. At any given moment there’s bound to be some sort of major event happening that will attract hordes of young and beautiful people. There are also some very interesting cultural festivals to check in the daytime.

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Travel by Renting a Luxury Car in Sri Lanka – Take the Island for all its Worth!

One of the best ways to truly complement an international adventure is by procuring a vehicle which will allow you to discover a wondrous place at your own pace and volition.

Image Credit: Malkey Rent a Car

Driving in Sri Lanka

Be warned that driving in Sri Lanka is not for the faint of heart. Although it may not be the worst place to drive in the world, traffic can become congested during certain times, and you’re bound to encounter many unruly bus and tuk-tuk drivers.


Sri Lanka has recently developed a series of highways that provide easy access to some of the most popular areas of the country. This makes travel very convenient and definitely much less daunting.

Driving License

Obtaining an international driver’s license is not that difficult nowadays, and one can be obtained from various institutions nearby to you. Be sure to check with any auto-clubs in your neighbourhood.

Procuring a Car and Driver

There’s a host of places that offer cars for hire in Sri Lanka, where you can choose from a range of automobiles. Some places such as Malkey Rent a Car even have a range of classic cars. Most places also have the option of hiring a driver if you choose to avoid the hassle of driving on Sri Lankan roads.

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Reviving Vitality through Ayurweda – The Ancient Medicinal Art of Asia

Ayurveda is currently taking the world by storm as an alternative form of medicine, and people in the western world are flocking to countries in the east to take part in Ayurvedic treatments.

Ayurweda | Photo via Pixabay , CC0 Public Domain

Ayurweda | Photo via Pixabay , CC0 Public Domain


Ayurveda involves a variety of techniques that form a system which catalyses natural healing. It was discovered by the Vedic culture of India, and soon after spread to various other countries such as China. Nowadays, you can find these treatments all over the world. Ayurveda treatments in Sri Lanka are particularly popular, with many themed resorts available such as the Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara.

The Concept

Ayurveda essentially involves balancing out three specific ‘doshas’, which are forms of life energy. Vata energy determines mobility, circulation and bodily functions; Pitta is concerned with metabolic activity and digestion, while Kapha determines growth and nourishment. 

How it Works

Ayurvedic practitioners believe that the mind and the physical body are interconnected, and therefore treat the two systems as a whole. By living an Ayurvedic lifestyle, consisting of healthy eating, maintaining an active lifestyle, and reducing stress from one’s mind, an individual can get rid of a range of physical and mental ailments. 

Ailments Treatable by Ayurveda

These ancient techniques have been used to treat anything associated with inflammatory, hormonal, digestive or auto-immune conditions such as asthma, dementia, dysmenorrhoea and even Parkinson’s disease.

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Colombo by Day and Night – A City That Never Sleeps

Colombo by Day and Night, Image Credit: One Galle Face

While Sri Lanka may be all about the beaches, exotic wildlife, rich culture and historic sites, a visit to the commercial capital Colombo reveals a whole other side to this cosmopolitan city. This is a metropolis where East and West coexist in a cultural melting pot that has given Colombo a unique identity. The great thing is that be it day or night, there is always something to do here from going on an all out shopping spree to enjoying street food in the wee hours of the morning after a night of clubbing.

The changing face of the city is evident from the many luxury apartments in Colombo that have come up along the main road known as Galle Road. Driving along this road will take you to two popular malls namely Majestic City and Crescat where you can enjoy some shopping. During the day also plan to visit the National Museum for some historical insights and the Pettah open market area where you can have fun getting “lost” in the maze of streets amidst vendors who vie for your attention.

As the day draws to a close you can head to Galle Face Green and witness a sunset by the sea. Located beside the up and coming One Galle Face, this coastal area is popular amongst locals who can be seen here flying kites, having picnics and just enjoying time by the sea. It is also a great spot to sample some typical Sri Lankan street food, “kottu rotti” (chopped up godhamba roti fried with vegetables and meats) and “isso wade” (deep fried shrimp snack) in particular.

Night time sees the city take on a whole new outlook, with Colombo illuminated in light and a different kind of buzz pulsing through its roads and streets. Cafe culture is big here and there are plenty of cafes to enjoy snacks, desserts, drinks and all manner of dishes. You will find some good 3D cinemas if you want to catch the latest Hollywood blockbusters, while for local plays look to see what’s playing at the well known Lionel Wendt Theatre. For dinner head to beach areas like Mount Lavinia where you can dine by the shore; after, head to one of Colombo’s popular bars or nightclubs like Disques, Floor By O, Clique and R&B for a fun night out on the town.

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London Eye – A Modern Masterpiece in the British Capital

While attractions like the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace are on everyone’s ‘must visit’ list when in the British capital, there is another place of interest that is just as popular and in fact has much become one of the city’s iconic landmarks. Instantly recognisable, the London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel that looms over the South Bank area of the River Thames and offers an unforgettable ride.

Those planning on visiting here will find there are several London Underground stations within walking distance away; while Waterloo is the closest, the Embankment, Westminster and Charing Cross stations are close by too. You can also consider staying at a luxury Mayfair hotel that offers easy access to the site with COMO Metropolitan London amongst the options available. To get a riverside perspective you can even enjoy river transport to the London Eye Pier via certain London River Services.

Standing proudly at a height of 443 feet, the London Eye is the tallest of its kind in Europe and has spacious and air-conditioned capsules that will slowly take you to the top and back down again. The entire rotation takes around half an hour and in that time you will be treated to some of the most spectacular vistas of the capital. Before you hop aboard you even have a chance to enjoy a special 4 minute, multisensory 4-D film featuring 3D aerial photography of the city.

Of course, the actual ride on the London Eye cannot be beaten and the experience is bound to be one of the highlights of your visit. You can look forward to amazing views of some of the most famous attractions in the city including the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower Bridge and Big Ben. While daytime offers one perspective, taking a ride at night provides a whole new experience and lets you see what London looks like as it comes alive at night.

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Features of a Maldives Luxury Villa – Defining Luxurious Living

Whether you are planning to spend holidays away from bitterly cold days in a traditional villa in the tropical east or merely planning to enjoy a cosy vacation of indulgence you need to know what you should be looking for in a luxury villa in Asia.

Before you are trying to hunt down the best Maldives resorts for your luxurious vacation, you should know what your money can buy you. All that hefty dash of glamour you might expect during your vacation will all be in one place once you know what you exactly want during your stay. If what you are looking for is a personalised, customised version of Maldives’ most exclusive accommodation, you can always consider one of the country’s well-known island resorts like Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas.

Since part of your luxurious vacation should just be about lying down in a therapeutic spa far away from the usual hedonistic party scene, you should expect your villa to be equipped with a Jacuzzi tub and a resort spa where you could just unwind.

Of course, the villa should be stocked with refreshment at hand for you to enjoy that vacation the right way. Do not forget to request for that fully stocked mini bar for you to enjoy while chilling out.

With other obvious perks of indulgence such as over water decks and room service, you should be able to slip into that trance of high-end living you always desired on your vacation. Look for a terrace for the sundowners and a pool to lounge next to after doing a few laps. Enjoy your ultimate luxury getaway with the best perks and facilities.

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Inside a Luxury Sailing Yacht – The Concept of the Luxury Sailing Yacht

Now showing Photo, Nirvana - Romantic Endevours

Luxury Sailing Yacht, Image Credit: Naladhu Maldives

One of the most iconic symbols of prosperity is the sailing yacht. These are some of the most expensive vessels in the world, with some even surpassing the price tag of a billion USD. Sailing yachts however can come in various shapes and sizes but all of them can place their occupants in the lap of luxury. This means that whether it is one belonging to a Russian billionaire or resort such as Naladhu Maldives using it to provide a Maldives luxury cruise, they are all about opulence.

Sailing yachts are generally longer than the any other counterpart such as cruising yachts or cruising yachts. The length of an average luxury yacht revolved around twenty-five metres or around eighty-two feet. The largest sailing yacht in existence however, measures a total length of just less than three-hundred feet.

Luxury yachts generally contain a host of facilities and are defined by the presence of a variety of automated functions. In the present day, any given luxury yacht is bound to have air-conditioning and at least one television. Electronic-winches are also a very common commodity when it comes to raising the sails since the days of such functions being carried out manually are mostly over. In order to support these systems, generators are mandatory. In addition to luxury items, there will also be the presence of global positioning systems and various navigational aids.

Yachts over the length of thirty feet will most likely have a shower, with hot-water available. It will also most likely have a bedroom with a refrigerator as well, requiring further electricity.

There are many ways modern yacht-builders cater to these electrical demands. One is through the inclusion of an additional engine that powers an alternator. There are easy alternate methods as well, such as the use of solar panels.

Even the smallest yacht can provide a luxurious experience and any voyage involving one is bound to be memorable.

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Indulge in a Luxury Shopping Experience in Dubai -Splurge, Indulge & Go Crazy!

dubai luxury shopping, indoor shopping mall dubai

Inside the Dubai Mall | tpsdave via Pixabay CC0

From the best of global brands to tax-free shopping, Dubai is truly a shopaholic’s paradise.

Offering a plethora of majestic shopping malls, the entire meaning of ‘luxury’ is explored in Dubai on a daily basis.

It’s home to over 100 opulent shopping malls, offering almost everything from whether it is high-end fashion, stunning jewelry or fragrances you are after, these shopping malls got you covered!

Many people flock to this city from various parts of the world to get their dose of retail therapy.

Sprawled across 1.1 million sq.m, The Dubai Mall is the largest retail outlet in the world and that’s enough for it to be right on top of your itinerary when you visit the city.

You could feasibly spend days in this glittering indoor shopping mall which is home to approximately 1200 stores; expect to be spoilt for choice by the sheer number of things in front of you.

Dubai mall is simply a mecca for the style conscious and you could literally shop until you drop! If you are planning to spend your holiday in this country you could also be a part of the biggest shopping event, Dubai Shopping Festival where you can avail of unbelievable discounts; stay updated with shopping in focus or any other source of news. Dubai Mall is more than just retail therapy; there are many restaurants, not to mention other impressive attractions like the aquarium, kid’s theme park, and an ice skating rink.

Mall of the Emirates is known as the world’s first shopping resort, strategically located in the heart of Dubai.

This retail haven has plenty of things to do besides shopping, a family theme park, an indoor ski resort and department stores like Harvey Nichols and Debenhams plus a large Carrefour supermarket.

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Kids activities offered by Maldives luxury resorts – Fun for all!

family travel maldives

                                       Photo By Max Pixel [Source] [CC 0]

Travelling with kids is not always an easy task and most families tend to postpone their family vacations as long as possible as it involves more careful planning of basically everything.

Spontaneous trips are a thing of the past because if you intended on having a perfect vacation, quite a bit of planning is required.

Some of the best family holiday destinations in the world offer kids activities to keep your little ones busy.

Blogs like The Family Travel Blog provide ample activities and things to do in Maldives that are completely family friendly.

The Maldives islands are usually portrayed as a popular honeymoon destination and not somewhere to bring your kids along to. However, despite popular belief, Maldives is a great place to visit with your family! With many water sports and activities to partake in, visitors are rarely ever bored on the islands!

From snorkelling and diving adventures, island hopping, sunset cruises and water-sports like jet skis, parasailing etc, there’s a whole heap of things to keep you and your kids occupied.

For families travelling with smaller kids, most island resorts offer a range of land activities that will keep the little ones occupied all day – while ensuring they have the most fun! It’s not just babysitting services that are offered at these resorts anymore, and parents travelling with smaller kids can leave their children under the professional care of the hotel’s staff.

This also means that, if you wish to spend some quality alone time with your significant other, while also not worrying about your children, you definitely can!

Some of the popular kid friendly activities offered at many island resorts in Maldives include cookery classes, playgrounds, treasure hunts, games, nature walks, surfing lessons, guided snorkelling tours and many more.

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